Breakfast and Birdwatching in M.P.S. Village, Sri Lanka

In the previous blog post, I shared that to travel is also to enjoy food. In addition, I feel that your travel experience is also affected from your choice of accommodation.

This isn’t a paid post. I just want to share my experience staying in M.P.S. Village, a budget hotel with a wonderful view and yummy breakfast. Imagine hearing the sound of peacocks and other kinds of bird while enjoying your breakfast!

Peacocks? Where do they come from?

I’ll tell you later ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Budget Hotel Surrounded by Greens and Birds

First of all, this beautiful budget hotel isn’t located in Dambulla city center. You need to drive 10 km from Dambulla into Dumbara Valley, where you’ll see lush mountains. It’s a perfect place to escape from the bustling city life.

The villa-style hotel doesn’t have many room, I guess it’s less than 10 and often fully booked. It has a huge grass field to play football and quite a big swimming pool with a view.

This Prius is mine for 6 days, hehe!
Fantastic view at the back side of M.P.S. Village

I never thought that Sri Lanka is this beautiful!

My standard room is very basic, with AC, terrace and bed. However, since M.P.S. Village is surrounded by greens, there’s A LOT of mosquitoes. Remember to bring a mosquito repellent!!!

Breakfast with a View in M.P.S. Village

Fantastic view at the back side of M.P.S. Village

I don’t complain much, though, because I just stay for one night and the price of the hotel suits my budget. And… it’s worth it because of the view and yummy breakfast! Perhaps you can also bring a binocular for birdwatching, hehe!

Kola Kanda, a traditional Sri Lankan herbal porridge made with rice, curry or Gotu Kola leaves and coconut.
You can eat it with brown sugar if you wish.
The spicy sausage and omelette are to-die-for!

The rate for M.P.S. Village is around RM200, but I could be getting a cheaper price because I book it through a local tour operator. As I mentioned earlier, this budget hotel is often fully booked. If you can’t get a room, fret not! There are a lot of budget hotels in Dambulla ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a peacock perching on top of a tree behind me, can you see it?

There aren’t many photos of the budget hotel, but here’s a video for you! Please turn on your speaker louder because I speak too soft in the video.

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