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    How to Spice Up Your Lockdown Weekend

    Weekend? What weekend? Ok, we may not be in a strict lockdown anymore. But with working from home for almost one year, plus the interstate travel ban (in Malaysia), the weekend feels like any other day. Nothing special, except that we don’t need to work. What about you? Do you feel the same? Recently, I found my enthusiasm for the weekend back and I feel it’s a good idea to share the tricks ^ ^ Lockdown Weekend Tips #1: Take Social Media Break every Friday Actually, I found out about this trick thanks to the Lent season. 40 Days before Easter, Catholics and Christians will fast to commemorate the day…

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    I Joined a Cheap Beijing Tour. This is How It Feels

    Inspired by the Chinese New Year that just ended, this week I’ll share my experience joining a cheap Beijing tour. If you’re a Malaysian or been living in Malaysia and love travelling, MATTA Fair – an annual travel fair organized by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents, is something we always look forward to. There are huge selections of local, Asia and overseas tours at the fair. If your destination is somewhere in Asia, you’ll find many cheap packages. However, I have to agree with the saying “you get what you pay”. If you’re thinking to take a cheap tour to Beijing or China, this post may help.…

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    It’s not China. It’s Hoi An Night Market in Vietnam

    By looking at the photo, one might think it’s a night market in China. But no, this photo is taken in Hoi An Night Market, Vietnam. As the hope for walking down the AirAsia/MAS/Emirates aisle this year becomes 50/50, I hope I could spark joy by sharing my wonderful experience with this post. If you’re a foodie, take note! 😉 Located in Nguyen Hoang Street, a trip to Hoi An isn’t complete without visiting the vibrant, exotic night market which opens from 5pm to 10pm. It’s very lively – thanks to the colourful lanterns, vibrant bridge and tourists (with great appetite). There are many nice hotels near the night market,…

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    Turning Thirty

    I turned thirty last week. Finally, this petite girl is thirty! I should make sure that I keep petite and not gaining a lot of weight during MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order) hahaha… Originally, I’ve planned to celebrate it with my family at the newly-opened Maria’s Signature at KLCC as they’re having a Buy-1-Free-1 Wagyu promotion. Alas, our prime minister announced MCO 2.0 a few days before my big day. However, I feel grateful and blessed that I and the ones I loved are healthy. Furthermore, it would be my first (and hopefully, the last) birthday during the pandemic. I have a story to tell to young people when I…

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    Thank You 2020, You’ve Been a Blessing

    This year, nobody can escape the impact of the arrival of Covid-19. As you may have read in the news, some have it very tough, some not so, and the rest maybe even richer than before (hint: Zoom, Amazon, the 1% society). I myself find the year 2020 as a blessing. Compared to the lockdown and no travel this year, I feel that God opened the floodgate of blessings to me. I’m sorry if this isn’t the case for you… I treat my blog as a diary, hence I always write a yearly review as the last post of the year.  Blessed 2020 – Career I landed a new job…

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    Helsinki Travel: from Rock Church to Contemporary Arts

    Some of you may have planned for a year-end trip or winter holiday. Although now most of us can only dream about travelling, this week I’ll take you to a far, far away country where Santa Claus is residing – Finland. We’ll have a virtual tour of Helsinki: The Rock Church, Sibelius Monument, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Suomenlinna. I may only spend two days in Helsinki during autumn 2017, but whenever the end of the year is approaching, I would look back at my Northern Europe trips. Well, let’s start our virtual tour! Helsinki Travel: The Rock Church The Rock Church isn’t a regular church. It got its…

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    Trastevere, a Hidden Gem in Rome

    I’m sorry that recently I only update this blog once every two weeks. I don’t have the mood to share travel stories when many people are tired of the lockdown (like me) or facing financial problems. But! I realized that I feel happy when I recall summer trips, when the sun shines so bright and the air feels light. Therefore, this week I want to share with you my lovely experience in Trastevere, a hidden gem in Rome, Italy. Finding Trastevere, a Hidden Gem in Rome I reached Rome in the afternoon and had a quick lunch at the airport (something that I regret). By the time I put my…

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    Houhai, Beijing: A Charming Travel Spot You Must Visit

    These days I’ve been eating Chinese food because I found a new favourite restaurant. Hence, this week, my memory takes me back to Houhai, a charming lake and travel spot in Beijing. Houhai, a lake surrounded by willow trees and neighbourhood, has been there since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). It is one of the famous spots to relax and hangout for the locals, especially the nightlife. But to me, the place is most charming during sunset. The willow trees surrounding the lake will steal your heart. It’s so picturesque, straight from a storybook! Besides the beautiful scenery, there are many shops, bars and of course street food!! Alright, I don’t…