Hi, friends!

I’m Theresia Clara, your blogger 🙂

A Girl Named Clara is a blog full of insights and tips about travel, fashion, money, life also health & beauty, especially for conscious spender.

Why conscious spender, you may think. I have an expensive hobby – traveling. As I travel and grow older, I realize that I don’t wanna be the girl who travel the world when she’s young only to be in financial crisis when she’s old. I also realize that what I’ve experienced when I was younger, plus my love for traveling, have unconsciously shaped the way I think and act when it comes to money.

Life without passion is a waste of living

Through this blog, I feel that I can be truthful and share my thoughts unfiltered. I enjoy reading and often feel inspired by peoples’ stories. In fact, after so many times friends and family members suggested me to create a blog, I finally made the move because I was inspired by a friend.

I hope A Girl Named Clara will inspire you too.

This blog will be updated every week, maybe once or more. As much as I love to share, I’d love to hear from you! Perhaps I can learn something new?

So feel free to leave your comment on the article or send me email. If you like the blog, follow the Facebook page to receive update of new post 🙂