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    Apparently, Your Brain Decides If Your Travel Plan Will Come True

    Some people often ask how I can persevere with my lifestyle for the sake of travelling. They may not realise that once the brain has decided, any travel plan will come true. Once the brain has decided, any travel plan will come trueBUT. You must make that travel plan A MUST In 2016, I ate the same food for lunch and skipped dinner for almost a year. Not something I encourage you to follow, though. In 2017, I wrote as many articles as I could in order to get a big bonus every month. Also, there were pros and cons to this. In 2018, I had the most short-planned trips…

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    Digital Detox Trip: Nature Edition in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    For this week’s blog post, I want to share an unforgettable digital detox trip experience in Raja Ampat, Indonesia 2016. Situated at the tip of The Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua, it’s hailed as The Mecca of Diving by divers worldwide thanks to the marine life diversity. Imagine finding 75% known corals, 1,700 species of reef fish and endangered mammals when you dive! Even better, you can go island-hopping and find yourself surrounded by gorgeous nature. Moreover, there are many beautiful white-sand beaches which you may have for your own. Talking about a much-deserved break from the city! If you love photography, Raja Ampat or the Four Kings will make…

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    This is How Low Maintenance Girl Pays for Her Trips

    In the previous blog post, I shared my experience having too many mini-retirements aka six holidays in a year. Little do people know that being low maintenance allows me to travel. Just think about it… How could I possibly have the money? Because I’m a low maintenance girl. I’m conscious of my spending so I can save enough money to travel. Here are some habits that help me travel often: Work, Instead of Travelling, during Semester Break After my first internship and earning my very own money, I took another one. The boss liked my work and accepted me to work for him again in the next semester breaks. I…