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    Beautiful Budapest, Where I Left My Heart in 2015

    I’ll never forget the joy when I starred at my very first Schengen visa in 2015. After all, it was granted by the German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur with much effort! That year, I embarked on my first Europe trip and lost my heart to Budapest. The inspiration to write this post came after I booked my 2020 Balkan trip. Due to my financial limitation, I never want to return to the same country until I travelled to all of the countries in the world. But, my beloved city turns out to be on the list! When you visit Budapest, you’ll understand why it’s easy to fall in love. The…

  • I avoid Jakarta because of expensive and traffic jam

    I’m Not Snobbish, Here’s Why I Avoid Jakarta

    If you think by earning Ringgit you’ll live like kings/queens in Jakarta, you’re wrong. On top of the surprise, be prepared to sit for hours in the car thanks to the traffic jam. My aunties and uncles often ask me why I seldom return home, don’t I miss the food and so on. As someone who has only 14 days of annual leave, I choose my travel destination wisely and the capital city of Indonesia is, to be honest, a place I avoid. Don’t get me wrong. I’m from Jakarta and with the statement above, I hope you won’t think I’m snobbish. I just prefer to use my annual leave…

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    Digital Detox Trip: City Edition in Copenhagen, Denmark

    I wrote about Digital Detox Trip: Nature Edition before, now let’s talk about how we can truly act on it when travelling in the city! How attached are you with your smartphone when you’re travelling? Are you always on your phone, busy updating your social media or chatting with your friends and family? If yes, don’t you feel like you’re missing the point of travelling because you’re not present while travelling? I get it. WiFi is very important because you can easily obtain direction, suggestion, etc within a click. For me, I prefer to keep my phone in the bag unless I find a free WiFi during my meal/tea time…

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    How I Won a RM6,000+ Case Against an Airline

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, are you ready for your next adventure? Since it’s a holiday season, I think it’s good to share a dispute memorable experience on how I won a RM6,000+ case against an international airline last year. How a simple mistake from the airline, combined with an inexperienced traveller and heartless customer service created a drama. And the most important thing, to know who you can turn to when a problem with airlines arises. Back in 2017, my passion for travel started to kick in so I booked a holiday package to The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. It’s an 18 days…

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    This is the City Where You Should Dress to Kill

    When was the last time you dress up when traveling? If you think it’s not important, you should really dress to kill if you plan to visit this city. When it comes to travel, I’ll make sure that I make the most of my time when I’m in a new place because I don’t know if I can afford a second visit. Be it try as many as local cuisine, take lots of photos, tick off all must-visit spots, make new friends with the locals or getting lost. I’ll also make sure that I wear comfortable shoes to help me walk all day, from morning till night. I mean it.…