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The Investment That You May Overlooked

What if I tell you that you can print money, legally?

Your body is the machine, and you’re trading your energy, time and health for every batch of dollar, euro or ringgit that you print. You’ll be fully investing yourself in the process.

Will you sacrifice most of your energy, time and health to do it? Some people may do so because they’re worried that one day, the opportunity is gone. Although most of the time, it’s just people being kiasu…

I once had the opportunity to achieve an unlimited bonus from a company that I worked for. Rooted in my passion for travel, I sacrificed a lot of things to fund my travels.

As a result, my goal obsession took me to my dream destinations. But it also took some parts of my life that I can’t gain back. Or needs time to heal.

My health, especially the health of my vision

My family time

My social time

The potential relationship

My me-time

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The Best Investment of Your Life

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That was a few years ago. Been there done that, I can share with you that investment comes in different forms other than property, house or stocks.

The best investment you can make, in my opinion, is when you invest holistically in your life.

Therefore, other than the ‘proper investment’ like what the investment gurus teach, you should also invest in:

  • Your health – trading your health while chasing money isn’t a sustainable lifestyle and might cost you your own life
  • Your passion – whether it’s sports cars, travel, dancing or cooking, just do it. They may or may not make money but they make you happy. And it’s all that matters.
  • Your loving community – family, friends and partners will always be there to support you, even if you fail
  • Your spiritual needs – if you have a religion or belief in the power of the Universe and karma, remember to put aside your time to pray, go to the church and practice good deeds

Those are the four things that I feel some people overlooked when making money. Because I was once that person.

And now, if the opportunity for ‘printing money’ knocks on my door for the second time, I know what to do.

Seize the opportunity and make the best investment of your life.

Happy belated Deepavali and have great days ahead, friends 🙂

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