Investing for a bucket list, Tony Robbins' Way
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Investing for a Bucket List, Tony Robbins’ Way

Thank God my lower back pain is getting much better today! I’ve been ‘itching’ to write about investing for a bucket list that I learned from Tony Robbins’ book “Money: Master the Game”.

In the previous blog post, I shared about Tony Robbin’s advise on building wealth by investing in All Season portfolios. This portfolio will protect you from any financial downturn so you’ll never lose money.

Also, how you can use the service of robo advisors to create All Season portfolios and let them do the rebalancing – automatically, within a click.

But, what makes life more interesting is when we do things that we’re passionate about. It’s not just about to save, save, save or invest, invest, invest! Even Tony Robbins advises us to invest for our bucket list!

The Importance of Investing for a Bucket List

A playful girl walking on Czech cobbled stone after investing for her bucket list
“People grow old because they stop pursuing dreams” – Gabriel García Márquez
Czech Republic (2015)

Investing for a bucket list is as important as investing for retirement. Repeat this loudly: investing for a bucket list is as important as investing for retirement.


Tony Robbins states in his investment book that your Dream Bucket aka Bucket List is where you set aside some money for you and your loved ones so you can enjoy life while building your wealth.

Investing for a bucket list, Tony Robbins lets you travel without guilt

In short, your bucket list is the sugar-and-spice of your life. It’s meant to excite you, therefore, you’re willing to earn and contribute more.

“Many people have a lot of money but not much lifestyle. They spend their lives watching numbers accumulate in a bank account and miss out on the joy…”

Tony Robbins in “Money: Master the Game”, chapter 4.3 The Dream Bucket, pg.343

Like some people, I used to have a fear of not having enough for retirement. I was willing to sacrifice the thing that I love the most, traveling, so I could build a lot of portfolios.

I don’t want to repeat my father’s mistake in handling the finance, I promise myself that I would have enough money when I’m old.

BUT, I wasn’t happy.

My rainbows and unicorns, the sparkle in my eyes, the love of my life, MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST, it’s gone. Imagine asking a wanderlust to stop dreaming and travelling!

As I mentioned before, investing for a bucket list is as important as investing for retirement. I got the sparkles back in my eyes ever since I planned my 2020 trip!

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Freedom, Adventure and The Latte Factor

An adventurous girl with The Latte Factor Dream Bucket List standing at the edge of a beach bridge
South Sulawesi, Indonesia (2018)

I like Tony Robbins’ “Money: Master the Game” book because it gives an in-depth explanation about how to invest the right way for retirement. Furthermore, you’ll get top-notch investment secrets from highly successful people (the 0.01%)!

However, I understand that some of you may prefer a lighter read, something like a coffee table book. In that case, I would suggest “The Latte Factor” by David Bach and John David Mann.

Tick off our bucket list with The Latte Factor investing tips by David Bach

David and John craft some fundamental investing tips in a fictional story about a young girl, Zoey, who learns about investment from an elderly barista that works at her favourite Brooklyn coffee shop.

Just like what Tony Robbins advises, David Bach also stresses the importance of having a Bucket List portfolio.

“What brings you pure, unbridled joy?”

These dreams of yours, Zoey, whether they’re short-term, like a photography course, or more long-term, like a trip around the world – these dreams are important.

They’re more than important, they’re like oxygen. Without them, your life suffocates.”

Henry, the elderly barista from “The Latte Factor” by David Bach

There you go, travellers! You have the consent to keep yourself happy while building your wealth!

Before you plan for your next trip or book that flight ticket, remember to start your Bucket List portfolio with investing tips from Tony Robbins or David Bach. Trust me, both are very good readings!

Happy investing and travelling! 🙂

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