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    Houhai, Beijing: A Charming Travel Spot You Must Visit

    These days I’ve been eating Chinese food because I found a new favourite restaurant. Hence, this week, my memory takes me back to Houhai, a charming lake and travel spot in Beijing. Houhai, a lake surrounded by willow trees and neighbourhood, has been there since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). It is one of the famous spots to relax and hangout for the locals, especially the nightlife. But to me, the place is most charming during sunset. The willow trees surrounding the lake will steal your heart. It’s so picturesque, straight from a storybook! Besides the beautiful scenery, there are many shops, bars and of course street food!! Alright, I don’t…

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    Behind the Hype of Singles’ Day: The Truth of Being Single in China

    What used to be a self-pampering day by single university students in Nanjing, China, has become the biggest shopping spree around the world. This year, Alibaba broke its own Singles’ Day sales record by racking up $30.8 billion in one day. That means $5.5 billion more than last year! Looking at the number of one day sale in one country, the Chinese sure are super excited with the deals and try to grab as much as they can with lower prices. To the world, the mega-success of Singles’ Day may represent not only the effect of a brilliant business strategy but may also paint a rainbow image of how Chinese…