woman sell glutinous rice stick rectangle sweet street snack in houhai beijing agirlnamedclara

Houhai, Beijing: A Charming Travel Spot You Must Visit

These days I’ve been eating Chinese food because I found a new favourite restaurant. Hence, this week, my memory takes me back to Houhai, a charming lake and travel spot in Beijing.

Houhai, a lake surrounded by willow trees and neighbourhood, has been there since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). It is one of the famous spots to relax and hangout for the locals, especially the nightlife.

But to me, the place is most charming during sunset. The willow trees surrounding the lake will steal your heart. It’s so picturesque, straight from a storybook!

Besides the beautiful scenery, there are many shops, bars and of course street food!! Alright, I don’t wanna write a lot. Let the photos show you why Houhai is one of my favourite travel spots in Beijing, China.

willow trees houhai lake boat sunset beijig agirlnamedclara
woman reading a book in a chinese tea shop houhai beijing a girlnamedclara
This photo is for illustration purpose only. As if I could read Chinese hahaha…
variety of chinese tea beautiful packaging souvenir beijing houhai agirlnamedclara
I love the design! Also, the tea tastes really good and very aromatic…
tea shop souvenir colorful packaging houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
tea pot and glass beijing shop houhai agirlnamedclara
fragrant flower herb tea houhai beijing tea shop agirlnamedclara
the rabbit god figurine souvenir houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
mail and stamp shop souvenir houhai beijing china agirlnamedclara
The ancient mail and stamp shop
painters old beijing flirtatious expression map souvenir agirlnamedclara
bicycle for rent houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
Bicycles for rent
girl tourist red coat in front of a shop in houhai beijing china agirlnamedclara
modern pistachio ice cream houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
The beautiful woman in the packaging now looks weird LOL… anyway, you MUST try Modern’s pistachio ice cream xoxo
eggette sweet street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
cute shape candy sweet street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
Cute-shaped sweets
stinky black tofu before and after fried street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
The famous stinky tofu… it’s black and stink and… nice?
stinky tofu black street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
I wanted to try it, but I was already too full…
chicken wing street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
gian squid street snack houhai beijing agirlnamedclara
houhai lake willow sunset beijing agirlnamedclara
Houhai, Beijing, China

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Our short trip to Houhai, one of the famous travel spots in Beijing, has ended.

Let’s cross our fingers that the Covid-19 vaccines will roll out soon in the country where we’re residing. Stay healthy 🙂

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