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    How Baby Rooms Help You Save Money on Mineral Water (and Heal the World)

    I was thinking to share my travel story of Porto, a beautiful city in Portugal. Then, I read articles about Greta Thunberg and it reminded me of how I usually save money on mineral water thanks to the existence of baby rooms. Don’t worry, I won’t repeat what you’ve probably read or watch online. Some of you may feel confused about who to trust amid rumors about her. However. Either it’s an act or real, it doesn’t matter because the outcome is to heal the world and make it a better place. And she’s succeeded in creating great influence. So, why the fuss? Now, there’s a habit of mine that…

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    Why You Need to Own a Filtered Water Bottle

    I travel often and sometimes to countries where I can’t safely drink the tap water. One day, I found out about filtered water bottle and how it helped me save a lot of money when travelling. It’s all started when I moved from Indonesia to Malaysia. The first few months after I moved from Indonesia to Malaysia, I could feel the pinch every time I spent money because of the currency rate. At that time, RM1 is equivalent to Rp3.000,00 (3x rupiah). Even mineral water was considered pricey to me. Now I’m working and earning my own money, I’m still facing the same issue whenever I travel to countries with…