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How Baby Rooms Help You Save Money on Mineral Water (and Heal the World)

I was thinking to share my travel story of Porto, a beautiful city in Portugal.

Then, I read articles about Greta Thunberg and it reminded me of how I usually save money on mineral water thanks to the existence of baby rooms.

Don’t worry, I won’t repeat what you’ve probably read or watch online. Some of you may feel confused about who to trust amid rumors about her.


Either it’s an act or real, it doesn’t matter because the outcome is to heal the world and make it a better place.

And she’s succeeded in creating great influence. So, why the fuss?

Now, there’s a habit of mine that some may consider frugal but actually helps me to save money AND the earth. So, I’m thinking why not share the trick and heal the world? #mj #mjfans

Bye, Plastic Bottles. Hello, Baby Rooms!

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Muchas gracias Cuba for making me be more conscious with plastic usage

Plastic bottles.

It’s available almost everywhere, making it convenient. Plus, you don’t have to carry a big water bottle that adds load to your bag.

But, think about it.

Here’s what I do to save money on mineral water and heal the world:
bring a medium-sized water bottle then fill it in a baby room.

Let’s say you’re traveling or spending hours outside, how much do you spend on mineral water? How many plastic bottles would that be, in a day?

The amount you spend on mineral water may not be significant to you, but it caused great impact on the earth.

Do you know that it takes 450 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose?

Here’s what I do to save money on mineral water and heal the world:
bring a medium-sized water bottle then fill it in a baby room.

Most of the times, there will be a water dispenser in baby rooms for parents to make milk. There you go, your free hot or cold mineral water!

Where to Find Baby Rooms in Malaysia

agirlnamedclara sunway pyramid baby room
Source: Sunway Pyramid Facebook

Please be noted that not every baby room provides water dispenser. But here are some baby rooms in Malaysia where you can fill your water bottle:

  • Suria KLCC
  • Avenue K
  • The Curve
  • Paradigm Mall
  • The Starling
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Sunway Velocity Mall
  • The Gardens Mall
  • 1Utama Shopping Centre
  • Atria Shopping Gallery
  • Isetan (Suria KLCC, The Gardens, 1Utama)

Of course, it may be a little bit inconvenience to always return to refill the water. Therefore, I suggest you fill the bottle before and after eating.

Regarding the inconvenience, a little bit of walking doesn’t do harm. It helps to burn the calories 😉

By the way, you can also refill your water here:

  • Public Park at Suria KLCC – the big, outdoor park provides a few drinking water faucets
  • Parkson Toilet at Pavilion – the one at the lingerie section provides a drinking water faucets
  • Gym – if you’re a member and it’s there, why not?

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…or Get Yourself a LifeStraw

hand holding lifestraw go 2 stage purple agirlnamedclara
LifeStraw Go 2-Stage Filter

Thinking finding a baby room to fill the water bottle is too much work for you? Get yourself a LifeStraw!

I got to know LifeStraw, a brand that sells filtered water bottles and filtered water pipe thanks to my Cuba trip.

In short, I was thinking of a way to cut my expenditure in Cuba since the currency is USD. Imagine spending USD1 = RM4 for every bottle of mineral water!

LifeStraw filtered water bottle totally saved me a lot of bucks and super convenient. It’s great for daily use and when traveling.

You can drink water from the tap, river, lake or waterfall safely as it removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, protozoan parasites and microplastics.

Click to read the full story and more info about LifeStraw

Now is the Time

Other than reducing the usage of plastic bottles, you can also bring your own cutleries to the office or wherever you go in case the seller provides only plastic cutleries.

Also drink less bubble tea, please (the plastic cup and straw!).

Alright, that’s how baby rooms help me save money on mineral water. As additional info, French philosopher, Raphaël Enthoven, claims that many people “buy virtue” with their support for Greta Thunberg but actually do nothing to help.

Will you take action, starting from today?

Buy LifeStraw filtered water bottle online – reduce plastic bottle usage
Make a pledge to WWF Malaysia – save the environment and animals
Make a pledge to UNICEF Malaysia – be a superhero for children
Make a pledge to World Vision Malaysia – sponsor a child
Make a pledge to UNCHR Malaysia – build a better future for refugees

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