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    Beautiful Budapest, Where I Left My Heart in 2015

    I’ll never forget the joy when I starred at my very first Schengen visa in 2015. After all, it was granted by the German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur with much effort! That year, I embarked on my first Europe trip and lost my heart to Budapest. The inspiration to write this post came after I booked my 2020 Balkan trip. Due to my financial limitation, I never want to return to the same country until I travelled to all of the countries in the world. But, my beloved city turns out to be on the list! When you visit Budapest, you’ll understand why it’s easy to fall in love. The…

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    5 Things People Got Wrong About Joining Tours

    I agree that when we arrange our own trip, we’ll have total freedom. However, what’s bugging me is when some people think they’re better travellers because they arrange their own trips. They got the wrong impression about joining tours! It’s like the traveller snobs. Perhaps they forget to check the dictionary that “tourist” is the synonym of “traveller” 😉 I have some reasons to arrange a private tour or join a tour, but the strongest reason is to help me attain the tourist visas. That’s how I got my very first Schengen Visa, even though I was in a complicated situation. This article isn’t about boosting the benefit of joining…