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Beautiful Budapest, Where I Left My Heart in 2015

I’ll never forget the joy when I starred at my very first Schengen visa in 2015. After all, it was granted by the German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur with much effort! That year, I embarked on my first Europe trip and lost my heart to Budapest.

The inspiration to write this post came after I booked my 2020 Balkan trip. Due to my financial limitation, I never want to return to the same country until I travelled to all of the countries in the world. But, my beloved city turns out to be on the list!

agirlnamedclara hungarian parliament building night light river cruise
The Hungarian Parliament Building at night is very captivating

When you visit Budapest, you’ll understand why it’s easy to fall in love. The capital city of Hungary has two separate towns, Buda and Pest, which were officially united in 1873. I really enjoyed wandering alone on the huge, wide streets. Surrounding me were tall, beautiful buildings with great details.

agirlnamedclara beautiful budapest stole my heart solo traveler
agirlnamedclara budapest iconic Széchenyi Chain Bridge
The Budapest’s iconic Széchenyi Chain Bridge 
agirlnamedclara people budapest dancing on the street stephen basilica
There was a filming in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral
agirlnamedclara beautiful budapest woman craft seller central market
You’ll find lots of beautiful embroidery in the Central Market
agirlnamedclara inside st matthias church fisherman's bastion budapest hungary
St. Matthias Church
agirlnamedclara alexandra bookstore beautiful budapest hungary
A huge and beautiful two-story bookstore in Budapest…
agirlnamedclara beautiful cafe alexandra bookstore budapest hungary
…with a beautiful cafe at the second floor

And the food, my gosh! I LOVE Hungarian goulash (tender beef stew with onions and paprika). Maybe because I went there during autumn so it’s super heartwarming in chilly days. Anyway, if Budapest is a man, he’ll be intelligent, tall with broad shoulders and a sunny smile that’ll melt your heart.

agirlnamedclara hungarian goulash budapest travel
Hungarian goulash
agirlnamedclara hungarian chocolate dessert food trip travel

Don’t get me started with the gelato that I found nearby St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Your patience with the long queue is worth it for uno cono piccolo gelato from Gelarto Rosa.

agirlnamedclara gelarto rosa budapest hungary gelato
This rose-shaped gelato isn’t only pleasant to see but tastes really nice
agirlnamedclara handsome man with his dog pug budapest hungary
agirlnamedclara asian girl eats kurtos budapest hungary tram traveler
The charming city is huge thus I had to skip lunch (thank God for the almond kurtos)

Prepare a pair of comfortable walking shoes because you’ll be walking A LOT. Sure, there are trams, but I believe you’ll get the most of your Budapest trip by foot.

For instance, the distance from the must-visit spot, The Fisherman’s Bastion, to the other side of the city, could take you for… sorry, can’t remember. All I know, at the end of the day, I was too exhausted (and excited) to talk or eat my dinner. #onedaytrip #makeitworth

agirlnamedclara female traveler fisherman bastion budapest hungary
agirlnamedclara st matthias church budapest hungary trio asian travelers
Me with Carlo and Tess, his mother, often stick together as photographers 😀
agirlnamedclara view from the fishermen's bastion budapest hungary asian traveler
agirlnamedclara fishermen's bastion budapest hungary female traveler staircases
Budapest stole my heart in 2015

A trip in Budapest is incomplete until you visit House of Terror. The museum is a memorial to the victims of the fascist and the communist regimes. They were detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the very same building, which was renovated and opened in February 2002.

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I felt sad and grateful at the same time as when I was born, Indonesia has already gained its independence. Therefore, I don’t have any hurtful memories about wars, torture or killing… May the victims’ souls rest in peace…

agirlnamedclara house of terror budapest hungary solo travel architecture
House of Terror
agirlnamedclara inside house of terror tank victims photos black and white

There are a lot of things that I didn’t manage to visit or do in Budapest. Hopefully, during my second visit next year 🙂


  • Sonka Noha

    Didn’t you try any bath (there are minimum 100)? You should go back. I’ll invite you when we will move back to Hungary.

    • theresiaclara

      Hi Gyorgy, I didn’t but sure will, next year! I have Széchenyi Thermal Bath on my mind, they say it’s the most popular. What do you think? Oh, you’re returning to Hungary??

  • agi tiara

    hey clara, i stumbled here after reading your piece in Jakarta Post about obsession. Needless to say, your writing is very great and inspiring. Your blog is also very entertaining to read!

    • theresiaclara

      Hi Agi, thank you for visiting my blog! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy reading the article and blog, even more, if they create a good impact on your life. Your comment is my encouragement, thanks again 🙂

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