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    Starbucks What? One Fine Day in Capri, Italy

    “Oh, look at that mural! It looks similar to Starbucks’ logo, isn’t it?” I asked my tour guide who took me and the group around Capri, a beautiful island in Bay of Naples, Italy. “Starbucks? What is it?” she replied. Oops! Right. Italians don’t drink Starbucks. Aaand, there wasn’t any Starbucks store in Italy when I visited in 2017. Due to sheer volume of business, Starbucks is designed to serve customers quickly and efficiently, whereas in Italy, you go to a coffee bar precisely for leisure and long, winding conversations with your local barista. Jenna Wang, “Why It Took Starbucks 47 Years To Open A Store In Italy” – Forbes…

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    5 Things People Got Wrong About Joining Tours

    I agree that when we arrange our own trip, we’ll have total freedom. However, what’s bugging me is when some people think they’re better travellers because they arrange their own trips. They got the wrong impression about joining tours! It’s like the traveller snobs. Perhaps they forget to check the dictionary that “tourist” is the synonym of “traveller” 😉 I have some reasons to arrange a private tour or join a tour, but the strongest reason is to help me attain the tourist visas. That’s how I got my very first Schengen Visa, even though I was in a complicated situation. This article isn’t about boosting the benefit of joining…