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Starbucks What? One Fine Day in Capri, Italy

“Oh, look at that mural! It looks similar to Starbucks’ logo, isn’t it?” I asked my tour guide who took me and the group around Capri, a beautiful island in Bay of Naples, Italy.

“Starbucks? What is it?” she replied.

Oops! Right. Italians don’t drink Starbucks. Aaand, there wasn’t any Starbucks store in Italy when I visited in 2017.

Due to sheer volume of business, Starbucks is designed to serve customers quickly and efficiently, whereas in Italy, you go to a coffee bar precisely for leisure and long, winding conversations with your local barista.

Jenna Wang, “Why It Took Starbucks 47 Years To Open A Store In Italy” – Forbes
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The ‘Starbucks’ lady, Italian version

These days, my heart feels light. I’ve started working for 2 weeks, some countries are on the last stage of Covid19 vaccine trial and I’m gonna buy my very first smartphone (yes, I’ve always been using whatever my family members pass down to me).

Whenever I’m in a good mood, flashes of happy moments in Italy will appear. So, this week I’m gonna share with you about my trip in Capri, Italy 🙂

Gondola Ride and Vitamin Sea in Capri

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The island of Capri is really beautiful, especially in the summer. It’s one of the popular destinations in Italy where, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot some celebrities.

The sun shines brightly, making the blue sea sparkling – tempting you to snap some photos. It’s also a place where you may be telling yourself it’s a good idea to have rent a yacht because you’re seeing a line of white yachts anchored in the Marina Grande.

To reach Capri, I and the tour group took a boat ride from Sorrento. There, we met our local tour guide who showed us around and gave us plenty of free time.

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chocolate orange cake with ice cream capri italy agirlnamedclara
Chocolate orange cake with vanilla ice cream
pinocchio stationery souvenir capri italy agirlnamedclara
Did you know that Capri is Pinocchio’s hometown?
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blue horse ceramic painting chair capri garden italy agirlnamedclara
beautiful flowers in capri garden italy agirlnamedclara
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Carthusia: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Perfume

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Did you spot lemons on the ceramic painting photo above? One should never leave Capri without buying a lemon perfume. I’m not kidding!

Besides the sea, scenery and yachts, Capri is also famous for its lemon products – be it scented candles, perfume, body spray and so on.

lemon scented candle carthusia capri italy agirlnamedclara
carthusia perfume perfume shop interior design scented candles lemon capri italy agirlnamedclara

I went inside Carthusia, the legendary perfume shop in Capri with the ‘Starbucks’ lady logo and was amazed by the interior design. The shop smelled good too!

Summer in Italy could be very, very hot. For me personally, I prefer not to wear perfume in the summer as the scent makes me feel dizzy. But with lemon perfume, it feels so refreshing!

Sunset and Dinner in Sorrento, a Small Town Near Capri, Italy

scooter sorrento italy yellow buildings italian flag agirlnamedclara

The Capri trip was just for half-day, but that was enough. We returned to Sorrento in the afternoon – which was quite a shame as we could enjoy the sunset in Capri. But that’s okay!

I had dinner with Lourien and Ancille at Tico Tico, a small yet beautiful restaurant facing the sea. When in Sorrento, you must order seafood because it’s always fresh.

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yellow apartment in sorrento italy agirlnamedclara
Yellow apartment in Sorrento
gnocchi tomato sauce tico tico restaurant sorrento italy agirlnamedclara
Tomato sauce gnocchi
grilled fish with rocket olive oil lemon tico tico ristorante sorrento italy agirlnamedclara
Grilled fish with rockets, lemon and olive oil
tico tico sorrento italy entrance ristorante restaurant sunset agirlnamedclara

So I read that Starbucks opened its first store in Milan, Italy in 2018. I’m not sure if they will open one in Capri, but I wish they don’t. I feel their image is too urban and I like Capri just the way it is – classic, lovely and charming.


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