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    Thank You 2020, You’ve Been a Blessing

    This year, nobody can escape the impact of the arrival of Covid-19. As you may have read in the news, some have it very tough, some not so, and the rest maybe even richer than before (hint: Zoom, Amazon, the 1% society). I myself find the year 2020 as a blessing. Compared to the lockdown and no travel this year, I feel that God opened the floodgate of blessings to me. I’m sorry if this isn’t the case for you… I treat my blog as a diary, hence I always write a yearly review as the last post of the year.  Blessed 2020 – Career I landed a new job…

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    How to End Your Travel-or-Save Dilemma

    To travel or to save? It’s a question many people have, especially when it’s holiday season and airlines are giving special prices for flight tickets. If you’re an office worker who wasn’t born with a silver spoon like me, it’s normal to think that it’s better to save for emergency and retirement than to travel. However, what if you’re born as a wanderlust and travelling is considered a need? I personally don’t want to live in resentment. Chasing my dream keeps me motivated and passionate in life. After all, what’s the purpose of saving all the money if (touch wood) I’m gonna die tomorrow? #dilemma Travel Without Guilt I don’t…