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Toraja Trip: Rammang Rammang, King Kong Cave & Pias Poppies Hotel

Too much staying at home and in the city makes me miss Indonesia, especially my Toraja trip. That was an awesome 6-day nature-exploring trip!

On the first day of the trip, I was welcomed by the beauty of Rammang Rammang, saw a karst stone that’s similar to a king kong face, made new friends and stayed in a natural, comfy Pias Poppies Hotel.

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The Au Naturel Boat Trip & Puncak Rammang Rammang

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Rammang Rammang is a beautiful, natural destination located in North Makassar, between The Karst of Maros and Pangkep regency. The name comes from the local language, means a set of cloud or fog.

My driver, Mr.Asri, suggested me to visit it as my first destination because it’s near to the airport. I was delighted, but! If only I knew that there would be a little hike on karst, I would’ve brought my hiking shoes!

The exploration started with an au naturel boat trip, followed with a little hike to the top (Indonesian: puncak) of Rammang Rammang and a King Kong Cave.

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A boat ride with palm oil trees as pillars and Rammang Rammang hills in sight
river boat ride nature perahu sungai puncak rammang rammang makassar_agirlnamedclara
Do you see the giant karst on my right?
cave boat ride river karst rammang rammang makassar indonesia_agirlnamedclara
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“I believe I can fly…” – the karst looks like a ripple of clouds!
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Apparently, there’s a group of cyclists nationwide that’s visiting Makassar

The walk before the hike was very relaxing and breath-taking. After many days staring at my laptop and skyscraper buildings, I was glad to walk in the nature.

It was around 1pm and the weather was quite scorching, but I didn’t mind. If you plan to visit Rammang Rammang when in Makassar, remember to apply sunblock in advance!

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black mary jane hiking stone karst stone bukit rammang rammang sulawesi makassar_agirlnamedclara
I feel sad for my leather shoes…
Please, please bring hiking or sport shoes!
salam dari puncak rammang rammang sign board makassar girl smilling_agirlnamedclara
Finally. I reached the top! Hello from Puncak Rammang Rammang 🙂
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Ayun (left) and Rudi (right) – the cyclists that I saw on the bridge.
They reached the top of Rammang Rammang earlier than me!
puncak rammang rammang summit indonesian flag girl sit colourful chairs smiling_agirlnamedclara
I love Indonesia!
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I also went to the King Kong Cave, the one that you see as this blog post’s cover photo. Take a look closer – can you see a King Kong face on the stone?

Yup! There’s no King Kong or gorilla on the cave. The name itself comes from that particular stone, hehe!

We’ll survive the pandemic. Read my posts about life lessons here.

Next, we left Rammang Rammang for my long-awaited lunch at a local restaurant. I don’t remember the name but it’s very large with a sea view. It also operates as a homestay.

I met a white woman who’s been staying there for a few weeks. She said she enjoyed her stay very much 🙂

beautiful restaurant homestay makassar south sulawesi indonesia_agirlnamedclara
The beautiful restaurant cum homestay
soto ayam fresh coconut kelapa muda makassar indonesian food_agirlnamedclara
Soto ayam and fresh coconut
ikan bakar grilled fish mixed vegetables cap cay makssar south sulawesi food_agirlnamedclara
Spicy fresh grilled fish, mixed vegetables, prawn tempura

My lunch was superb! It’s included in my Toraja solo trip package. For Day 1, it’s a set meal chosen by the tour operator. The meal was really delicious, but it’s a bit too much for one person…

Pias Poppies Hotel – a Comfy & Affordable Stay in Toraja, Makassar

girl long hair smile traveler tourist breakfast pias poppies hotel toraja makassar_agirlnamedclara
Guess what? Rudi was staying at Pias Poppies too!
The photo is taken by him.

Pias Poppies Hotel is very famous among travellers who come to Toraja because of the environment, service, food quality and price.

The hotel has been operating since 1982. The family business started with only 3 rooms for rent and now it has 22 rooms – complete with AC, private bathroom and hot shower.

There’s free WiFi but you need to go to the living room or restaurant to access it. Don’t worry, it’s just a short walk from your room.

In the morning and evening, the area will be packed with travellers from around the globe. Why don’t you say “hi” to them? 🙂

Watch this video to see the interior of Pias Poppies Hotel, Toraja.

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I hope this post ignites your wanderer spirit to explore Toraja, Makassar, Indonesia! Remember to visit Rammang Rammang and book your room in advance coz Pias Poppies Hotel is usually fully booked.

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