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Travelling in December? I Went to Chefchaouen, Morocco and You Should Too

Are you planning to travel in December? If you haven’t decided on the destination, Chefchaouen “The Blue City” in Morocco will not disappoint you!

I went to Morocco in December 2015 with little knowledge of how beautiful the country was.

Oh, and it’s super important to note that Morocco in December will greet you with lovely weather.

We’re talking about sunny days with a cool breeze – where you won’t get sunburnt and able to capture beautiful photos thanks to the weather.

a girl waiting for blue taxi roadside chefchaouen morocco_agirlnamedclara
Even the taxi in Chefchaouen is blue and white

Actually, the 3 main reasons that made me decided to travel to the North African country in December were:

  • The tourist visa-free regulation for Indonesians
  • The Sahara Desert
  • The price of the tour package

At first, I thought Marrakesh and Sahara desert would be the highlights of my trip. But I was wrong.

Chefchaouen captured my heart instantly when I stepped into the city, welcomed me with blue-rinsed houses & buildings and sunset.

It was love at first sight <3

Mahmut Orhan is a Turkish DJ, but I feel the song will make a good company while reading the blog 🙂

Chefchaouen “The Blue City” of Morocco

asian girl smiling rooftop chefchaouen the blue city morocco sunset buildings_agirlnamedclara

If you wish to have a unique December holiday, travelling to Morocco will definitely make a great year-end holiday.

Instead of wandering around the Christmas market in Europe, why not wandering around in The Blue City?

Chefchaouen is located up in the mountain and everywhere you go is blue and white.

However, it is different from Santorini!

man white cap walking on street chefchaouen pearl of morocco_agirlnamedclara
chefchaouen the blue city morocco market_agirlnamedclara
various colour powder chefchaouen morocco_agirlnamedclara

Chefchaouen has its own charm – mixing Islamic culture, colourful clothes, beautiful mountain view and relaxing ambiance.

girl white poncho red skirt boots stairs chefchaouen blue city morocco_agirlnamedclara
girl sitting white poncho red skirt black boots morocco blue city chefchaouen door islamic design_agirlnamedclara
girl pointing finger chefchaouen blue walls building clothes morocco_agirlnamedclara
A note to myself: ask permission before taking photos of the locals!
moroccan traditional clothes cape chefchaouen_agirlnamedclara
cat sitting relaxing blue door chefchaouen morocco blue city_agirlnamedclara

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Darechchaouen, a Hotel with Captivating Moroccan Design

darechchaeouen chefchaouen morocco night view entrance_agirlnamedclara

I believe there is a lot of accommodation in Chefchaouen. But if you ask for my recommendation, hotel Darechchaouen will give you a memorable stay.

I stayed in this beautiful hotel for one night and how I wish I had stayed longer!

blue hotel building daerchchaouen morocco_agirlnamedclara
moroccan living room window sofa sunset chefchaouen_agirlnamedclara
daerchchaouen chefchaouen morocco room sunset bed_agirlnamedclara
colorful morocco chefchaouen pattern girl sit white poncho_agirlnamedclara

Decorated in captivating Moroccan design, it is highly irresistible not to take many photos while staying there.

darechchaouen chefchaouen morocco staircases blue glass roof morocco_agirlnamedclara
asian girl white poncho red skirt chefchaouen blue pearl morocco sitting_agirlnamedclara

And did I say the food is great??

darechchaouen blue pearl chefchaouen morocco dining room interior design evening art_agirlnamedclara
lamps pottery morocco chefchaouen darechchaouen_agirlnamedclara
shrimp lemon tajine chefchaouen morocco_agirlnamedclara

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I feel that Morocco is an underrated travel destination amongst Asians. Hopefully, this blog will encourage more people to visit Chefchaouen, especially for December holiday 🙂

Riad Darechchaouen
Ras el Maa, Chefchaouen, Morocco |


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