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A Guide to Choosing a Hostel in Seminyak, Bali

Where do you prefer to stay during a holiday – hotel or hostel?

For someone who always joins a group or private tour, I’ve been staying in the hotel all my travel life. Little did I know that staying in the hostel, especially when in Seminyak, Bali could be the best option.

Therefore, this week’s blog post is about a guide to choosing a hostel, especially in Seminyak, Bali 🙂

Of course, the opinion is subjective. If you’re travelling with family, spouse or friends; appreciate privacy and have a comfortable budget – by all means, go for hotels.

There are many wonderful, romantic hotels and resorts in Bali that would paint beautiful memories of your holiday. Trust me, you won’t regret!

However, if you wish to save up and don’t mind sharing a room with random strangers plus using the communal toilet & bathroom, go for hostels.

a guide to choosing hostel seminyak bali socialiste lifestyle hostel bathroom agirlnamedclara
The female toilet at Socialista Lifestyle Hostel is clean and comfortable – Seminyak, Bali

Before I met B, I associated hostels as inexpensive, uncomfortable accommodation packed with backpackers. But when he told me that he would be outstation and wouldn’t be back until Monday, I had to improvise my Bali trip (and budget).

Okay, so I would land on Sunday night without B. What should I do?

B wanted to give me his room key through the third party but I refused for security purposes. I decided to spend one night in Seminyak so I could explore the area.

As I’m still saving for my grand 2020 trip and will be visiting Bali often to meet B, my budget becomes tighter. I remembered him sharing that he sometimes stays in the hostel when travelling, so I did my research… and was blown away.

A Comfortable Stay at Socialista Lifestyle Hostel, Seminyak, Bali

socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali morning pool room view agirlnamedclara

Hostels in Bali are beautiful, comfortable and inexpensive! In fact, I was in a dilemma choosing where to stay as there were many attractive options in Seminyak.

Socialista Lifestyle Hostel has successfully made me click the ‘book now’ button with their beautiful bedrooms – decorated in cute, colourful wallpaper. Oh, by the way, this is not a paid post 🙂

a guide to choosing a hostel seminyak bali socialista lifestyle hostel hemingway bedroom beautiful retro interior design agirlnamedclara
The Hemingway Room is a mixed gender bed dorm for 10 people
(photo: Socialista Lifestyle Hostel)
a guide to choosing a hostel seminyak bali  socialista lifestyle hostel flaubert room retro flamingo interior design agirlnamedclara
The Flaubert Room is a mixed-gender bed dorm for 16 people
(photo: Socialista Lifestyle Hostel)
female asian traveler sits on bunk bed hostel socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
My room is so cute! I love the flamingo wallpaper and the bed is comfy
flaubert room bunk bed socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
Need privacy? Roll down the partition!

There are a few rooms with different capacities for bed. You can choose to sleep in a mixed-gender or female-only room. This hostel provides locker with a padlock , separate Male/Female bathroom and free a thick, fluffy towel + body wash + shampoo + hand soap.

As for the bed, there are reading lamp, electric socket and partition for your privacy. Also, the airconditioning works great!

What I like about staying in a hostel:

  • Value for money
  • Comfortable, clean bed
  • Homey-feeling
  • Opportunity to make friends from around the world
  • Socialista Lifestyle Hostel provides therapeutic body wash, shampoo and hand soap (I really enjoyed my bath time!)

Things that are slightly uncomfortable:

  • Sleeping in a bunk bed feels a bit cramped
  • Having to carry a lot of things to the bathroom so I don’t go back and forth (tips: bring a big, light canvas bag for this)
  • When some travellers stay up late and still loud past midnight while I’m ready to sleep

Should I lock my luggage? If not, what if someone steals my stuff?
What if someone harms me when I was sleeping?
It’s Coronavirus season, am I safe sharing a room with many travellers?

I had those questions in my head. But they turned out to be me being paranoid. If you have similar questions at the back of your head, here’s what I felt during my stay in Socialista Lifestyle Hostel.

The travellers trusted each other, that nobody will steal from or harm anyone. Many left their backpack or luggage open when they’re sleeping.

But if you are paranoid, nobody will judge you for keeping your luggage locked. As for me, I kept my DSLR and small backpack in a locker & locked my luggage before I slept.

confucio room socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali guide to choosing a hostel girl beach suit pineapple wallpaper beanbags agirlnamedclara
I also like the pineapple wallpaper at the Confucio Room
girl solo traveler sitting socialista lifestyle hostel guide to choosing hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
This Filipino solo traveler is waiting for her driver to pick her up

About the Coronavirus, well… I stayed in a mixed-gender room with 15 travellers and returned to Malaysia in a healthy state 🙂

As a precaution, I took multivitamin and vitamin C daily to boost my immune system. Make sure that you wash your hand often, eat and sleep well too during your holiday in Seminyak, Bali!

What You Should Do Before Choosing a Hostel

asian girl short hair walking beside a pool seminyak bali socialista lifestyle hostel agirlnamedclara

There are many famous bars & restaurants in Seminyak such as Ku De Ta, Potato Head Beach Club and La Favela. And the shopping street? Petitenget Street may not be as hip as Kuta Street, but it’s sure fun to stroll along at night.

If you love to walk, unable to drive a car/ride a scooter and have a small budget, use Google Maps to see how far the hostel is from your desired bars/clubs/restaurants.

How many minutes will it take to walk from the hostel to X Club?
Perhaps it’s a bit far but you are fine coz you can ride a scooter?

I thought I would love the night walk from my hostel to Petitenget Street, but Socialista Lifestyle Hostel turned out to be quite far from it and the road was a bit dark.

scooter rental a guide to choosing hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
Renting a scooter is the best and most affordable way to explore Seminyak, Bali

Although Bali is safe, I feel uncomfortable walking alone at night (coming from a girl who walked home at 2am in Marrakech at night? Guess I’m getting old!).

If you can ride a scooter, the hostel provides scooter rental and taxi services. You can also use Grab for better transportation deals.

And sooo…. I skipped the Seminyak nightlife and planned to check out the posh Cafe del Mar the next day, as it’s just a 15 mins walk from Socialista Lifestyle Hostel.

free theurapetic body wash and shampoo socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
The ylang ylang body wash and green tea shampoo made my days xx
free water refill a guide to choosing hostel socialista lifestyle seminyak bali agirlnamedclara
The hostel also provides free mineral water

Another tip, don’t book a hostel just because it’s inexpensive. Read the hostel facilities carefully and view the photos.

Does the hostel provide air conditioning?
How many people are there in one room?
Is there an extra charge for towels and other toiletries?

Things to Do Near Petitenget Street Beside Checking Out Bars & Clubs for Budget Travellers

asian girl short hair smilling sits beside swimming pool with toys socialista lifestyle hostel seminyak bali agirlnamedclara

When I walked to Cafe del Mar for brunch the next morning, the sky was gloomy and soon it was raining.

As it’s compulsory to spend at least IDR250,000 (around RM83 / USD21) in Cafe del Mar, I decided it won’t be worth it when the weather wasn’t cooperating.

Didn’t want to let the weather ruined my day, I went to a mini market nearby to buy bread for breakfast. After that, I went for a full body massage and hair spa (creambath). For lunch, I had ayam geprek (smashed chicken with super spicy chili).

ayam geprek ACK fried chicken bali indonesia agirlnamedclara
Ayam geprek ACK Fried Chicken. The chili is just okay.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Bread – IDR6,000 (RM2 / USD0.50)
  • Water – nil (I bring LifeStraw, a filtered water bottle)
  • 60 mins full body massage – IDR90,000 (RM30 / USD7.50) +IDR10,000 (tips, not compulsory)
  • 45 mins hair spa (creambath) – IDR85,000 (RM28 / USD7) + IDR10,000 (tips, not compulsory)
  • Lunch at ACK Fried Chicken – IDR28,000 (RM7 / USD1.75)

Total = IDR229,000 (RM76 / USD19)

If you’re travelling to Seminyak, Bali with a small budget, skip the cafe breakfast and opt for bread in the mini market or eat in local warungs instead.

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But what’s the point of travelling without enjoying food? Bali offers delicious foods that are too good to be missed. By having a simple breakfast, you can allocate the budget for a nice lunch/dinner 🙂

age gap couple smile lunch at mang engking bale udang ubud nature background bali agirlnamedclara
Bale Udang Mang Engking is our favourite restaurant in Bali

Don’t forget to pamper yourself while in Bali! I had a really good full body massage and hair spa (creambath). Also, check out Seminyak Beach and some boutiques alongside the road.

Other things that you can do near Petitenget Street are:

  • visit Pura Petitenget
  • join a yoga class
  • surfing at Seminyak Beach
  • horse riding along the beach
  • sign up for a scuba diving school
  • visit Revolver coffee shop for the best coffee in Seminyak

This blog post is based on my first experience of staying in a hostel in Seminyak, Bali. Is there anything that you want to add to this guide to choosing a hostel? Let me know in the comment 🙂

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