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A Rainy Day at Penglipuran, Bali, One of the World’s Cleanest Villages

Two reasons that make Bali so enchanting to tourists even Indonesians are the culture and architecture. The architecture boasts a centuries-old style of design that’s heavily influenced by Bali’s Hindu tradition, especially the temples.

If you’ve seen most of the temples in Bali, I encourage you to visit Penglipuran, Bangli, Bali. Recognised as the World’s Third Cleanest Village 2016 alongside Giethoorn (Netherlands) and Mawlynnong, the small village will definitely charm you.

I heard about this village from my mom, who has been urging me to visit it. After a year or two, finally, I managed to see it with my own eyes. And with a plus-one 😉

bamboo forest desa penglipuran village bali car rental agirlnamedclara
On the way to Penglipuran, you will pass by a bamboo forest

Penglipuran derives from the words “pengeling” or “eling” (to remember) and “pura” (ancestral land). Therefore, the name implies that residents keep the land of their ancestors in mind.

According to an interview by The Jakarta Post with a local named Moneng, the residents had conducted conservation works since the late 1980s. The efforts were meant to preserve the village’s ancestral traditions.

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However, the conservation efforts made the Bangli regency administration declared the village as a tourist village.

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Penglipuran – A Unique, Structured and Serene Balinese Village

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When my driver said that Desa Penglipuran (Penglipuran Village) is very small, I was surprised. But I couldn’t be any more surprised when I found out that there’s only 1 main road!

Basically, the beautiful cobbled-street main road leads you straight to the end of the village. On the way back, you’re gonna use the very same road. That’s it!

house gate in penglipuran bali during galungan festival agirlnamedclara
bali hindu architecture penglipuran agirlnamedclara

There are 76 equally divided plots, each facing the main road. On top of that, the architecture – from roofing to room design is consistent.

The best time to visit Penglipuran is before or after the Galungan Festival, a Balinese public holiday to celebrate the victory of dharma (good) over adharma (evil).

During this period, the residents will decorate the village therefore it becomes even more beautiful. Unfortunately, Galungan Festival happens in the rainy season.

girl standing in front hindu temple bali penglipuran hari raya galungan festival agirlnamedclara
couple matching clothes smiling at penglipuran during galungan bali agirlnamedclara
decorated post box local house penglipuran village bali galungan agirlnamedclara
house entrance penglipuran bali agirlnamedclara
dog standing at house gate penglipuran galungan bali agirlnamedclara
local woman walks in the rain with umbrella carrying wooden basket penglipuran bali galungan agirlnamedclara

I and B were unlucky as the sky was gloomy and it was raining. But… there was a moment when we took cover at a house gate. The gate was small thus we stood close to each other, watching the rain poured down in silence xxx

couple matching clothes age gap bali holiday penglipuran galungan agirlnamedclara

The next time you visit Bali, remember to stop by at Penglipuran 🙂

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