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This Christmas… Dare to Dream and Repurpose Your Life

On November 30, 2017, I made a wish: All I wanted for Christmas is fantastic trips next year.

2018 is the year when I totally surrender to my wanderlust. What’s supposed to be two trips suddenly morphed into six trips. I totally agree if you think I’m crazy, yet I love it.

However, the time has come to dream and repurpose my life.

I saved for a year to realise my 15 days Cuba trip, failed to step my foot in Holy Land Israel thus went to Spain + Portugal half-heartedly. The beauty of Chiang Mai +Chiang Rai captured my heart, so did Da Nang + Hội An, Toraja and Beijing – so I booked the trips in a snap of fingers.

Places I Travelled in 2018

February 2018 – Chiang Mai + Chiang Rai (Thailand)

This Christmas Dream and Repurpose Your Life
Chiang Rai dream and repurpose life
Chiang Rai dream repurpose life

April 2018 – Cuba

Trinidad Cuba dream repurpose lfie
che guevara dream repurpose life
cigar cuba dream repurpose life

June 2018 – Israel & Jordan (Cancelled)

Oh, the dramas.

I went to the Israeli embassy in Singapore because there’s none in Malaysia or Indonesia. To my surprise, the officer asked for a local guarantor and his complete details. Even my tour didn’t know about this requirement because they just launched the destination!

Panicked, a friend finally introduced me to his Israeli friend who’s an angel, willing to be my guarantor. Alas, two weeks before the departure, there’s a tension between Israel and Indonesia. Indonesia cancelled visas for Israelis and so did Israel.

Wait – what about my visa application??!!

hoi an dream repurpose life

The news said the Israel government would still grant visa until my departure date (super coincidence), however, mine was rejected for don’t-know-why. AND THEN… the morning of my supposed departure day. The Israeli embassy said my visa is approved and asked me to collect it.

I cried on the bus, on the way to the office… I’ve unpacked the baggage the night before. After all my efforts and a helping hand, it had to come to this. There’s no enough time to pack again, go to Singapore then airport.

Au revoir, Israel… see you one day.

June 2018 – Da Nang + Hội An + Ba Na Hills (Vietnam)

da nang bamboo basket river ride dream repurpose life
hoi an dream repurpose life
ba na hills dream repurpose life

September 2018 – Spain + Portugal

spain dream repurpose life
portugal dream repurpose life
almond spain dream repurpose life
porto christmas dream repurpose life
barrio alto at night dream repurpose life

September 2018 – Toraja (Indonesia)

toraja christmas dream repurpose life
toraja ceremony dream repurpose life
baracoco bungalows bira beach dream repurpose life

October 2018 – Beijing (China)

beijing flag kids dream repurpose life
woman in front ot the great wall dream repurpose life
the marco polo bridge dream repurpose life

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel frequently, mainly because of the flexible working hour and lots of public holidays in Malaysia. However, a dream will just be a dream unless you put action to it.

For example, follow your monthly budget religiously for a year to realise the costly dream trip. Take side jobs. Focus on your health more than hangouts (translation: gym over cafés or clubs). Eat healthy and affordable mix rice instead of eating in a restaurant.

What Would You Do Differently Next Year?

girl and santa claus dream repurpose life

Some people say when something becomes a routine or easily achieved, you’ll lose the excitement. You may think this will never happen to you. I hate to burst your bubble, but a few days before my fifth trip, I was like “ugh. I have to travel again”.

Can’t believe a wanderlust like me would say that. But it happens.

The travel bug bit hard this year, I had only a few weeks before I packed my luggage again for the next destination. I changed job in the middle of the year thus I was so busy hustling to finish everything before the trips.

Although I enjoy the experiences, everything seems too rushing and aren’t as exciting as before. I begin to crave… a steady life.

I want to have ample time to focus on myself, my career, relationship and other interests. I haven’t even finished a book that I started to read three months ago. 

All I Want for Christmas 2019 are…

a girl decorating christmas tree dream repurpose life

Fantastic career and contented life.

Some people say you should travel when you’re still young, some say you should focus on your career first.

“Travel can wait, but not my career” – a friend (early 20s)

“Travel while you’re young because when you’re old you’ll have joint pain, no energy or the excitement is diminishing” – friends (>40s)

“Keep on travelling!” – friends (mixed ages)

girl makes christmas wish dream repurpose life

I rushed my trips this year thus I started to lose the excitement. It’s time to repurpose my life next year. Can I have everything? Fantastic career and contented life – of course with travel included!

This Christmas, let’s dream big. Change and let go of what or who doesn’t bring us happiness. Repurpose our lives for the better.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

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