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Globetrotters and ‘Macarons’, Is It True?

Some people think that globetrotters or people who travel a lot will kiss and bang strangers from around the world. Perhaps, in every country they visit. Where’s this perception comes from??

Once I had catch up with my ex-colleagues. We’re very close and brutally honest, we discuss anything. At one point, my male friend asked me, “So Clara… Do you try a lot of ‘macarons’ when you’re travelling?”

“Macarons?” I asked in confusion. The first thing that popped up on my mind was Ladurée, the famous French macaron that I tried while in transit in Charles de Gaulle.

“You know what I mean,” he looked at me with naughty gaze.

globetrotters in rome with red vespa

I just laughed. Who doesn’t want to meet an attractive stranger when travelling? When the chemistry is so strong, shared some passionate kisses and keep in touch after the holiday ends? But reality doesn’t always happen that way.

I told him that I didn’t like the idea of hanky-panky with strangers when travelling. Following a stranger home, in a foreign country? I’d rather use my limited time to wander the city, food hunting and take photos.

“You DON’T??” he was so shocked, I couldn’t help laughing again.

Are Travellers Promiscuous?

promiscuous traveler blow a kiss to che guevara paintings in cuba

Apparently, my male friends thought that I would taste a ‘macaron’ in every destination. Correction, they thought every wanderlust would. I told them not to generalized travellers because not all of us do that.

In fact, I never encounter any new travel friend who especially hunts for attractive strangers, flirts around or brings someone back to his/her hotel room when travelling.

You like my baby face? Gee thanks, I’ll want it when I hit 40!

Furthermore, some of my new friends are in relationships and they are faithful to their partners – even if they’re a thousand miles away from each other for months!

As for me, I haven’t gotten any luck with romance when travelling. I feel that my petite figure and young look are disadvantage. Most Asian men are taller than me, moreover those Caucasian men!

female travel blogger in feminine artistic dress

I may not only be out of their sight (sorry girl, I don’t see you there!), they might also think that I’m too young for them. Even the waiters and bartenders asked for my ID before they served me alcoholic drinks.

Source: Giphy

Moreover, I like older men, so it really doesn’t help. You like my baby face? Gee thanks, I’ll want it when I hit 40!

Macron and ‘Macaron’

globetroter in spain alcazar seville

Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. These couples share one same thing – older woman younger guy relationship.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll end up like them because younger men still make a move on me, especially when I’m travelling. What I remember the most are two young gentlemen who I met on the airplane. There’s no spark, but still memorable.

One is a Turkish descendant. He sat beside me and we chatted for a while. The funny thing was, suddenly he asked me, “Are you married?”

“No,” I replied.

“WHY NOT??” (ehh, why was he so taken aback of my relationship status?)

“Well… because not yet!” I was surprised by his reaction. Then I asked him back, “Are YOU married?”

“No…,” he replied slowly.

Ha! I smiled in victory :p

Then, when I was half-asleep, he put a blanket on me. Eros or philia, anyone will agree that it’s so nice and sweet of him to do that.

delicious luxury spanish dessert for globetrotters

The second gentleman is an Italian college student. It was his first-time taking airplane and he sat beside me. We talked a little bit. He’s travelling to learn the history of his destination and his dream is to be a politician (wow!).

Then the stewardess came to pass the meal.

“Ladies first,” he said while looking at me.

Even the stewardess blushed, delighted with his action and called him ‘Mr. Gentleman’!

He didn’t care if I looked like a granny with my eyeglasses, makeup-free face and comfy jacket. Or if he’s towering me. We talked during transit and parted with different flights. We followed each other Instagram but that’s it.

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The Best Country for Single Ladies to Find Romance (or ‘Macarons’)

globetrotter fashionista in yellow dress venice italy

Please take note that I haven’t travelled much compared to other wanderlust. In my opinion, if you want to have that sizzling, hot romance or sweet ‘macarons’ this spring or summer, let it happen in Italy.

Why, you ask?

Italian men are very friendly and passionate, even to tourists. They’re brave enough to look at you in the eyes and keep the eye contact for more than 5 seconds. They’re not shy to stare if they think you’re attractive.

Sure, it could be uncomfortable if the attention comes from someone that you aren’t into. However, in general, I feel starting a conversation with Italian men is easier.

What’s my experience?

stylish girl in rome airport for romance

Well… I just reached Leonardo da Vinci International Airport with my luggage. When I was walking, I saw an attractive man looking suave in front of me. He was walking in my direction. We starred and smiled while kept walking, without breaking the eye contact.

When we finally passed each other, he said, “Hey.”

I replied “hi” with a blushing face.

That intensity. It’s like the scene where Natalie Portman meets Jude Law for the first time in Closer movie, sans accident and relationship.

So, have you decided where to go this year? If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, remember to save all that ang baos for your next trip!

when travellers asked why they're still single

In case you’re a globetrotter who’s looking for a relaxing holiday, you may want to go for a digital detox trip 😉 No matter what question you’ll get during the family reunion, keep calm and never stop travelling!

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