I Find My Soul Therapy Through Patterns. What’s Yours?

Ok, so this blog post may not be directly discussing about money or travel. However, it may help you save some bucks in case you think that a shopping spree or splurging will give you emotional and spiritual healing.

There will be times when you feel anxious, moody, can’t sleep or feel lost. Maybe you’re still healing from past experience, trying to move on, etc… If you’re a religious person, praying will do a lot of wonder. Aside of praying, other activities like dancing, playing a musical instrument or colouring also help.

One of the things that put my soul in peace is when I see colourful patterns. I always love design, patterns and colours. The more colourful it is, the more I feel joy!

In Morocco and Turkey, there are plenty of wonderful tiles designs
One example is Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco
You can find them too in Portugal

When I was still studying, my design lecturer told me to find inspirations from everywhere. Design and beauty are everywhere…

…like the Turkish lamp that you see on the street…
…or the rainbow reflection on the street of Cuba’s market that matches your shoes

Remember to look up and down because you may find something interesting. That’s why, whenever I travel, I take so many photos of tiles and patterns.

Bright colours will lift up your mood – Chiang Mai
Love this colourful pattern at Bahia Palace, Morocco
At Ba Na Hills, Da Nang
The pale-coloured pattern reminds me of white tattoos – Cuba

Believe that good things are coming into your way and manifest positive thoughts to transform them into reality.

Have a good week, friends!

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