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These are the Two Most Important Lessons Traveling Teaches Me

Aloha, friends~ I’m pretty sure you’ve read at least one article that discusses ‘X (insert number) lessons traveling has taught me’. I have to agree on what most travel writers write. If there’s anything different, you may have read it from my blog posts.

While brainstorming over steamed kampong chicken on what to share with you this week, I realised there are two most important lessons traveling teaches me.

They are: the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) and the Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Traveling Helps Me Embrace JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out)

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Move away, FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out)! It’s time for all of us to embrace JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out and do only what sparks joy in our lives.

According to a study on 2,200 millennials in the United Kingdom in early 2019, 78% of millennials prefer to stay at home and embrace JOMO. What caused such a contradiction?

Like Marie Kondo and the Goddess of Victory suggest, if it sparks joy in your life, just do it.


Apparently, they prefer to binge on Netflix/Spotify, save money, spend money on more meaningful experiences and have quality time with friends.

Aha! Now I know why I have no problem having so little agenda on the weekend (on top of me being single). Since my passion requires a lot of money, I’ve learned to embrace JOMO so I could fund my trips.

Traveling and the Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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To be fair, perhaps I’m trained not to overreact on things that are out of my control since I was still studying. Therefore, it’s easier for me to embrace JOMO.

Like, I wasn’t a cool kid who could afford weekend hangouts or invited to parties at the most-talked bars/club when I was still studying. Therefore, even when I’m making my own money now, I don’t really feel like going to those places.

Basically, I no longer care what others think of me when I’m missing out on some activities, especially when it comes to group activities.

My love for travel helps me to become more selective on what truly sparks joy in my life. Therefore, I don’t waste my time and money possible pocket money/flight ticket/tour downpayment.

agirlnamedclara-the subtle art of not ging a fuck-mark manson
This book will make your life zen, trust me!

It’s ok to say no.

It’s better to be honest with what you truly want than following the stream.

We have our own ideal weekend. For some, it could be spending the whole day serving at the church. For others, it could be hygge with books, watching Korean dramas the whole day or crafting a travel itinerary.

Like Marie Kondo and the Goddess of Victory suggest, if it sparks joy in your life, just do it.

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  • Revan

    totally agree with you, Clara. missing out stuffs are the most enjoyable things for me. I also read the book and find it super inspiring. btw, you look gorgeous in the first pic here 🙂

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