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A Wanderlust’s Journey to The Road Less Traveled

What I’m going to share with you isn’t about discovering a secret travel escape or an inspirational book by M. Scott Peck. It’s how to overcome your wanderlust, live a life with fewer trips in a year – like what I’m trying to do.

I always see wanderlusts as happiest people. Oh, the twinkle in their eyes! You can feel the burning passion in them when they share their travel stories. That cheerful, spontaneous spirit and dreamy eyes…

But what happens if you take the passion away from them? Like what I’m trying to do now, toning down the wanderlust within.

Toning Down the Wanderlust Within

a wnaderlust's journey to the road less traveled
Chefchaouen, Morocco

Why? Because as a woman in her late 20s, I want to be more responsible to myself by putting aside more money for my bank account and investment than trips.

Make no mistake, I don’t regret what I’ve done. Yes, if I didn’t travel much in my younger years, I’ll be a rich woman. A rich, bitter woman because she suppresses her desire to see the world!

a female wanderlust during oktoberfest munich with local men
My 1st Europe trip – Oktoberfest, Munich
female wanderlust drinks beer  in the road less traveled oktoberfest

I swear, if I save or invest all that money instead of travel, I’ll have a resting bitch face for the rest of my life. Traveling shapes my personality, makes me who I am today and inspires me to create this blog.

wanderlust as cowgirl in toraja the road less traveled
wanderlust sleeping on the floor the road less traveled
My 1st experience sleeping on the floor

Toning down my wanderlust soul is hard. Like, REALLY hard. As hard as letting go the one I love, although I know that I’m doing the right thing. While writing this, I can even feel the ‘itch’ to book a trip to Sumba (Indonesia).

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What You Can Do to Distract Yourself

wanderlust journey the road less traveled
The feeling of letting go the love of your life…

If you weren’t born with a silver spoon like me, you’ll be accustomed to your lifestyle – spend on what’s important. You may have more cash because you don’t travel as often as before, but eating in high-end restaurants or going gaga on shopping won’t ease the ‘itch’ to travel.

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

Therefore, you need something meaningful and probably touch your soul, as travel does. For example, expand your social circles, attend church events, be a volunteer, do something that you always want to do but never have a chance because of your hectic travel schedule.

trinidad cuba dance lesson the road less traveled
A salsa lesson, perhaps? – Trinidad, Cuba

Or, you can also do something that’ll keep you busy, like taking part-time job(s) or adopting a pet.

For me, I start with getting involved with charities like WWF, UNICEF and World Vision. I always remember this beautiful Zoroastrianism teaching from “Bohemian Rhapsody” – good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

Giving makes me happy. Giving makes a nobody, a “small potato” like me, feel that I have the power to make a change in this world. Now I have another purpose in life besides discovering new places.

From Swiping Tinder to World Vision

world vision wanderlust the road less traveled
Image credit: World Vision Malaysia

Laugh all you can. I also find it funny how I move from swiping Tinder to World Vision LOL… but it happens!

I always want to have a son (esp if my future hubby is tall), so I get myself one from World Vision. World Vision is a legit organisation that lets you sponsor a child from around the world. You can commit to sponsoring your son or daughter monthly, quarterly, per half year or per year.

wanderlust save children world vision the road less traveled
Image credit: World Vision Malaysia

There’s more than just giving money. You get to exchange letters or emails, send them gifts or visit them – build a real connection with your child. As time goes by, you’ll be able to witness your child grows and transforms.

World Vision will make sure that your donation is used to provide clean water, nutritious food, health and education for your child and the community.

The Joy of Giving

world vision sponsor a child wanderlust the road less traveled
The joy of becoming his sponsor right before his birthday…

The first boy who melts my heart is from Colombia. Alas, I can’t sponsor him because he’s registered in World Vision USA. So, make sure that you visit the website of your respective country.

I found my son from World Vision Malaysia and instantly captivated by his big eyes. Joyce, with his dreamy eyes and name (Joyce –> joy), reminds me to stay curious, kind, cheerful and humble. When I realised that the next day would be his birthday, I made my decision to sponsor him.

gorilla trekking congo wanderlust the road less traveled
Image credit: Timbuktu Travel

OMG, now I have a son who lives in Congo! Is it a sign for me to visit him and join a gorilla trekking? It’s a wanderlust’s road less traveled too, isn’t it? We’ll see, hehe!

P.S.: For WWF and UNICEF Malaysia, please check if the organisations have deducted the amount from your account or card. I received confirmation emails from them, but after following up, turned up I wasn’t registered yet.

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