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The Miracle Before Easter (and lessons from COVID-19)

It’s been quite some time I wanted to share this with you, friends. But I waited until all are set and done. This week, I will share about the miracle and life lessons that I received during COVID-19.

Do you believe in miracle?

Regardless what you believe in, I feel what I experienced was more than a coincidence. It’s one of many miracles that I received throughout my life.

But this time, it felt special because it happened during the pandemic. It’s totally unexpected.

The Unexpected Encounter

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A few months ago, I started looking for a new job because I sensed it’s time to have a backup plan. The signs were there even before COVID-19 appeared – retrenchment, mass head cuts, resignations… and eventually, pay cut.

I wasn’t actively looking when a recruiter approached me for a role at a big, multi-national company. Every day, I prayed that I would pass the test and interviews.

One fine Sunday, I had a strong urge to go to the church. Usually, I’d meet my mom and sister there but that day, I was alone. After the sermon, I went to get some refreshments and sat alone.

“Can I sit here?”, I heard a warm voice.

I looked up and saw an African girl with a beaming face and nice hair. She’s alone and I had three empty seats, so why not?

“Oh, sure,” I replied.

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We started to talk and the conversation led to work life. At first, she didn’t mention the name of the company where she worked until I guessed.

“How do you know?”, she asked in surprise.

“I just have a feeling,” I shrugged with a smile. “I’m actually applying for a job there!”.

She then gave me some insights about the company, the culture and her role. She wished me luck and we departed. I made a new friend who turned out would be my future colleague.

The Miracle Before Easter

COVID-19 appeared and everything was stalled. To make it worst, I heard nothing about my application. And other applications.

I followed up only to feel disappointed. The recruiter said the company had chosen another candidate. Oh well…

I guessed I was too sensitive. It’s just a random encounter, eh? But I learned to let it to and I genuinely felt happy for that candidate.

Maybe my time hasn’t come. One day, God will take me to ‘Jerusalem’…

On the last Sunday before Easter, I asked the church’s prayer team to pray for me for a good future career. At that time, I completely surrendered to God (or Universe, if you prefer) for whatever may come.

The next day, on Monday morning, a miracle happened.

The recruiter texted me that the hiring process was frozen and has restarted again. In the same week, my current employer announced that there would be no more head cut.

My jaw dropped.

I just couldn’t believe it. People were (and still) desperate to get a job and I secured a new one (after further interviews). Plus some opportunities after that!

The miracle left me stunned for the whole day.

Whenever I think about the miracle, it makes me so happy and loved. Especially today when I get to know that my mother needs to undergo surgery.

With the new role, I’ll be able to contribute to her medical bill… and future unexpected expenses. Hallelujah!

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What COVID-19 Taught Me

With this blog post, I want to share some life lessons that I learnt from the pandemic:

Let go what you can’t control

There’s no use of blaming yourself or others for something you can’t control. It creates stress and pressure – it makes you feel worse. It’s already happening, you can’t turn back time. But you can decide how you respond to the situation.

Surrender to God and Let Him Lead You

When I heard that the company has chosen another candidate, my prayer changed from “please give me…” to “let it happen to me according to your will, for I know that’ll be the best.” By surrendering your life to God and let Him take the lead, you’ll start to embrace new possibilities.

Stay Humble and Kind

Believe it or not, I started to look forward to the ‘blurry’ future. If I became jobless, I’d have a chance to spend more time with my boyfriend. Maybe I would discover a hidden talent, working in new industries? Sure, the salary would be lesser. But it didn’t matter anymore.

You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your f*cking khakis.

Tyler Durden, The Fight Club

When I was facing the possibility of losing everything, my boyfriend welcomed me with open arms. He offered me shelter and support. His kindness touched my heart…

Ok friends… that’s what happened to me recently.

What I experienced is considered rare. If COVID-19 affects you negatively, I’m really sorry. I hope things get better for you… If you want to share or need my help to pray for you, drop me a comment or email.

Stay healthy and never give up!!!

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