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    Working from Home: How to Maintain Your Weight

    There are pros and cons of working from home. One of the biggest concerns that some of you may have is how to maintain your weight. Sure, Malaysia has started to ease the lockdown in some areas yesterday. But for others whose job can be done at home, they’ll still be spending most of the time, 5 days a week, burning lesser calories than usual. To my surprise, I don’t put on weight. I’m eating as usual but I acknowledge that I have a slight change of habits when working from home. I feel it’s good to share it with all of you, perhaps can help 🙂 Eat Plenty of…

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    Workout Tips for Dummies Who Don’t Want to Hire a Personal Trainer

    The title isn’t a click-bait because I practice what’s written here myself. I guess you know that there are many workout tips for dummies to tone up your body like YouTube videos, health magazines, and articles on the internet. But, what if even with the existence of those, you’re still lazy to do your own research? On top of that, you don’t want to hire a personal trainer because the fee is expensive? Yet, you still yearn to have a toned-up body! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how – in the easiest way. Remember that it’s easy but it’s not easy for everyone, especially if you don’t keep promises. If…