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Working from Home: How to Maintain Your Weight

There are pros and cons of working from home. One of the biggest concerns that some of you may have is how to maintain your weight.

Sure, Malaysia has started to ease the lockdown in some areas yesterday. But for others whose job can be done at home, they’ll still be spending most of the time, 5 days a week, burning lesser calories than usual.

To my surprise, I don’t put on weight.

I’m eating as usual but I acknowledge that I have a slight change of habits when working from home. I feel it’s good to share it with all of you, perhaps can help 🙂

Eat Plenty of Fish – Main

ikan patin rebus kecap jahe steamed silver catfish in ginger soy sauce_agirlnamedclara
Steamed silver catfish (ikan patin) in ginger soy sauce

Fish is my favourite food. During the lockdown, I’ve been having fish for lunch almost every day.

It’s something that I don’t usually order when working in KL because it exceeds my lunch budget. I feel so grateful that there are many mix rice shops/stalls in Malaysia, esp my area.

Fish + rice + vegetable = RM6 – RM7

ikan patin masak kunyit steamed silver catfish in turmeric sauce_agirlnamedclara
Steamed silver catfish (ikan patin) in turmeric sauce
ikan patin goreng tahu tausi fried silver catfish in black bean sauce_agirlnamedclara
Fried silver catfish (ikan patin goreng) in black bean sauce
ikan patin goreng kecap fried silver catfish in soy sauce_agirlnamedclara
Fried silver catfish (ikan patin goreng) in soy sauce
ikan asam manis sweet and sour fish_agirlnamedclara
Sweet and sour fish

Not only the portion is big, healthy and affordable, fish makes me feel fuller. I find myself eating less rice!

I guess it’s one of the reasons why I maintain my weight despite of working from home.

Eat Plenty of Fruits – Snack

My snacks are mainly fruits.

Since I was a kid, my family always have at least one serving of fruits per day. In Malaysia, there are plenty of fruit shops that sell fresh, cut fruits – making it easier to add them to my diet.

Another reason is… because ehm, I think I better allocate the budget for my dream trips.

RM12 for a cup of bubble tea? RM15 for a slice of cake? No, thanks. I’ll have it once in a blue moon.

My mom says I’m too extreme with my food budget. Well, I’m a FIRE movement follower who loves travelling. What can I do? Hehe!

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Small Plate for Dinner

small plate meal wantan mee with char siu_agirlnamedclara
The size of your plate or bowl can help you curb your appetite

Another tip to maintain your weight during the lockdown or when you’re working from home is to control your meal portion, esp dinner.

Big portion for dinner > sitting > sleeping = weight gain

small plate meal boiled kuey tiao with steamed egg minced pork_agirlnamedclara
Kuey tiao with steamed egg minced pork + soup

As for me, I use a small plate to control the portion. Please bear in mind that I’m small so this portion is enough for me. Don’t starve yourself, ok? If you’re still hungry after dinner, opt for fruits and milk 😉

Exercise 3x per Week

I know, I know. Some days I feel so lazy to do it. But I forced myself to.

There are many online exercises you can follow – Zumba, Strong by Zumba, Body Combat, kickboxing etc…

My favourite is the 45mins cardio workout by Jeanette Jenkins, a personal trainer who trains Alicia Keys. The movements are easy to follow and there’s enough space for me to do it in my bedroom!

Hmm… maybe it’s just me. The advantage of being a shortie, hehe!

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Please Stand Up

standing desk made of wooden chest of drawers dark colour_agirlnamedclara
My ‘standing desk’, hehe!

You may not be the real Slim Shady, but stand up for one hour or more when working from home is a good idea.

Personally, I feel tired of sitting for long hours. In the office, I always make use of the standing table or create one from boxes. Usually, I do it in the afternoon around 4 -5 pm. Sometimes, 4-6 pm.

When I’m working from home, I use the ‘standing table’ twice – in the morning and afternoon. I’m making use of a chest of drawers in my living room as it suits my height.

It helps me to burn more calories and maintain my weight.

Get Your Beauty Sleep aka Don’t Sleep Late

The point here is not getting how many hours of zzz, but don’t sleep late. Try to hit the bed by 11pm, if you can. Netflix can wait, really!

Our body is regenerating cells and repairing the skin between 11pm and 4am. When we’re already in a deep sleep, the result will be better.

Plus, sleeping late will mess your metabolism, resulting in weight gain. Don’t be surprise if you’re craving more junk food the day after!

Alright, I hope those tips can help you maintain your weight when working from home. Thank you for reading, stay healthy 🙂

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