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Workout Tips for Dummies Who Don’t Want to Hire a Personal Trainer

The title isn’t a click-bait because I practice what’s written here myself. I guess you know that there are many workout tips for dummies to tone up your body like YouTube videos, health magazines, and articles on the internet.

But, what if even with the existence of those, you’re still lazy to do your own research?

On top of that, you don’t want to hire a personal trainer because the fee is expensive? Yet, you still yearn to have a toned-up body! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how – in the easiest way.

Remember that it’s easy but it’s not easy for everyone, especially if you don’t keep promises. If you want to have a toned body, I need you to promise yourself to be committed with the workout routine.

I suggest three times a week. Oh, don’t forget to have balance in everything, like food intake, sleep even workout (don’t overdo it).

Disclaimer: these tips are for people who are satisfied enough to have toned body and enjoy food in a moderate way. If you wish to have awesome six packs or visible muscles like fitness models, this article won’t help much.

#1 Make the Most of Your Personal Trainer Trial

If you’re a gym member, the first time you join, the gym will give you free trial sessions with a personal trainer. Usually, you will get two sessions.

Some of you may let the opportunity pass because you don’t want the personal trainer to chase you to sign up. If you have no plan to sign up, why bother to take the trial? Wrong.

Because you don’t plan to sign up, that’s why you should take the trial sessions! During your sessions, your personal trainer will ask what’s the goal of your workout routine.

He/she can advise you the right workout movements, which machine you should use and for how long.

Personal trainers will give you important tips like how to stretch your body, how your body posture should be when you’re lifting the weights, how to use the dumbbell etc.

A personal trainer advised me to do leg raise and sit-up to get nice abs…

workout tips for dummies
Leg raise (1-2) and scissors (3-4), source: Safalzindagi


flat abs tips
Sit-up, source: Dr.Health Benefits

… I did 100x for each, every day. In a few months, my abs started to appear!

workout tips for dummies no personal trainer
In the memory of my abs, Bali 2015

Ask as much as you can, so you can practice yourself when the trial sessions end. Don’t worry, not all personal trainers are scary. They may text, call or talk to you when they see you in the gym, that’s normal.

They just want to get some income, be considerate. Keep their numbers and be friendly to them, who knows in the future you want to hire a personal trainer? If you do and you lost his/her number, I suggest you ask the gym for that specific personal trainer who assisted you during the trial sessions.

#2 Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ah… the red room of pain. I mean the gym. It’s like a playground, there lie many ‘toys’ which, if used in the right way, will tone up your body. Use various kinds of machine to tone up each body part.

Before you use the machine, look for the how-to images as guidance. If you’re still unsure, just ask any hunky near you to check if you’re doing it correctly.

workout gym tips for dummies
Every machine has how-to images.

Remember to tuck in your tummy when you’re lifting weights in order to protect your backbones. Also, never skip stretching before and after the workout. Some machines that I always use are:

Torso Rotation or Total Abdominal for abs

gym tips no personal trainer
Torso rotation machine, source: Bodybuilding Wizard


gym tips no personal trainer
Total abdominal machine, source: FitnessZone

Seated Dip for triceps (tone up flabby arms)

gym tips no personal trainer
Seated dip machine, source: Spartan Fitness

Chest Press (good for women with small boobies)

gym tips no personal trainer
Chest press machine, source: Kokablo

Leg Press for sexy thighs and butts

gym tips no personal trainer leg day
Leg press machine, source: Amazon

Shoulder Press for an athletic look

gym tips no personal trainer shoulder
Shoulder press machine, source: Bodybuilding Wizard

Pull Down – because everyone loves a sexy back

gym tips no personal trainer back
Pull down machine, source: Best Power Tower

Remember to do stretching after your workout sessions. Some yoga poses to relieve backbone problems are pigeon, cobra and child’s pose.

workout tips for dummies stretching
Left-right-bottom: pigeon, cobra, child’s pose

After one year, with the help of good lighting, you can see the result of your workout:

workout tips for dummies without personal trainer
December 2017

#3 Join Gym Classes

Gym classes like RPM (bicycle), Body Combat, Zumba and Step are very good to stretch all parts of your body, especially if you’ve been sitting in the office the whole day. Gym classes can help you tone up too.

For example, RPM helps to tone up your thigh, calves also flattened your stomach. Body Combat has lots of punching and kicking moves to tone up your arms and legs.

It’s good to combine machine workout and gym classes. However, gym classes are considered cardio. If you’re slim, it’s better not to join cardio classes often because they’ll make you lose weight even more.

body combat workout tips for dummies

#4 Use Workout Apps

Learning visually is fun and easier, you can even do it at home. There are lots of workout apps, one of them that I’m using is MMA Spartan System Workouts. It’s simple, not using any dumbbell or machine and there’s an animation on how you do the movement plus which muscle that you’ll work on.

The app has lots of different workouts (HIIT, beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc) and offers custom nutrition plans.

spartan app workout tips for dummies

I know this app from a friend and used it for our Viper Challenge training. Still, I needed the help from the guys for some obstacles hehe 😛

viper challenge workout tips
Zmaga team in midnight Viper Challenge

#5 Food & Drink: Moderation is Key

You hear or read this tips many times. Eat lots of high protein food, consume less sugar and carbs but don’t cut them off totally.

Be careful where you eat, your food may secretly make you fat without gaining weight. You can eat or drink anything but in moderation. Oh – no alcohol after the workout, please!

muscle building workout tips no personal trainer


chocolate milk to build muscle workout tips dummies
Protein drink or chocolate milk, it’s your call. Source: Eat.Fit.Fuel

These tips give me no pressure whenever I go to the gym. Slowly, it becomes a routine even obsession. Once you start working out, you wouldn’t want to skip even a day. For travellers who can’t find a decent gym in the hotel, the workout apps will help.

I hope the workout tips for dummies work for you and help you save on personal trainer fees. Enjoy your food and stay healthy 🙂

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