female solo traveller windproof jacket walking alone mountain background blue sky morocco

Admiring the Beautiful Landscape of Morocco and the Sahara Desert

You will not see a lot of greens in Morocco but the African country will charm you in its own way, especially the landscape.

The news of Australian bushfire reminds me that we should be grateful and appreciate mother nature, and the landscape we’ve been to. Whether it’s the spectacular Norwegian fjords or the exotic Sahara desert of Morocco.

Therefore, I would like to share with you the beautiful landscape of Morocco.

The Morocco Landscape Traveler Photo Album

girl red scarf black boots standing morocco rocks castle border background blue skyagirlnamedclara
girl in black red head scarf standing roadside road sign mountain background blue sky morocco
mist morning sunrise sahara desert shadow morocco agirlnamedclara
Waiting for the sunrise in the Sahara Desert, Morocco
sahara desert morocco local guide in blue head scarf sunrise agirlnamedclara
Hassan, the local who took care of me and my camel, + my photographer
sahara desert sand drawing morocco agirlnamedclara
Hassan drew this… while I added his name to the sand drawing
two men standing with sunrise purple red sky background sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
little asian girl walking alone in sahara desert sunrise morocco
little asian girl getting lost wandering alone in sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
catching sunrise between palms asian girl solo traveler sahara desert morocco sunrise
black boots zebra legging walking in sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
clear blue morning sky men in traditional clothes sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
tourist on camel ride small local village sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
motorbike in the middle of rocky desert sahara morocco berber village agirlnamedclara
asian girl sitting in the middle of local nomads tent sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
Sitting with nomads who live nearby the Sahara Desert
little girl asian red jacket smiling happy riding camel sahara desert morocco agirlnamedclara
Did you know that camels make a cute sound?

I know I look fat in the photo. But I didn’t care as it was SUPER COLD in the morning in Sahara! I had layers of clothes and wished I brought my gloves with me.

I and the tour group took jeeps early morning to catch the sunrise in Sahara, Morocco. Unfortunately, the sky was a bit cloudy thus it wasn’t as beautiful as it’s supposed to be.

However, I’m so glad that I went to Morocco and had this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will stay in my mind and heart forever, nothing could take the memory away from me.

strange weird fruit morocco market travel agirlnamedclara posing
I have no idea what fruit it is…
girl short hair standing against a door brown wall morocco travel agirlnamedclara
hollywood museum morocco agirlnamedclara
The Hollywood Museum in Morocco
a girl white dress green jacket standing alone in savanna morocco blue sky background agirlnamedclara
snake charmer morocco blue sky background palm tree agirlnamedclara

Bonus: A Peek Inside Moroccan Local Dishes

Wondering if the food in Morocco will satisfy your appetite? They sure will! The tajine (clay pot dish) is a little bit bland but overall the food there is nice. And healthy!

chicken tajine morocco agirlnamedclara
Chicken tajine
various local food on the table morocco agirlnamedclara
turmeric rice chicken kebab macaroni local food morocco travel agirlnamedclara
oranges banana cinnamon powders local dessert morocco agirlnamedclara
Oranges and bananas with cinnamon powders as dessert
egg tajine morocco agirlnamedclara
Egg tajine
local food kebab morocco travel agirlnamedclara
asian girl eyeglasses thumbs up morocco sahara desert background wall agirlnamedclara
Shukran for the beautiful memories, Morocco!

So, what do you think about Morocco, the Sahara Desert and the landscape? Will you visit the country this year? Do you think you’ll enjoy Moroccan food?

Let me know in the comment 😉

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