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Morocco Nightlife: Buddha Bar Marrakech and Rick’s Café Casablanca

Happy New Year 2020! This week’s post is a little bit late because, ehm, honestly I was too in the year-end mood, hehe!

In this blog post, I want to share with all of you about the nightlife in Morocco. Yes! Morocco is more than an exotic culture and mesmerizing designs.

During my trip to Morocco, I had really good times in Buddha Bar, Marrakech and Rick’s Café, Casablanca. Of course, the interior design of both places made the experience more worth it.

The Luxurious Buddha Bar, Marrakech

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I prefer bars over clubs because I can’t stand the smoke. Well, unless I really feel like dancing and going wild 😛

And, if you’re looking for a cozy bar with beautiful interior design, nice ambiance, music and drinks in Marrakech, Morocco, Buddha Bar is the place.

After the dinner followed by Chez Ali show, everyone in my tour group decided to sleep. Yes, it was already 11pm when we reached the hotel, but me, the only early 20s in the group, refused to sleep.

I had only one night in Marrakech, I wanted to experience the nightlife! So I asked the hotel staff at the receptionist the best and nearest bar I could go to and he suggested Buddha Bar.

Ahmed, the receptionist, was an intern who’s fluent in some languages

I heard about Buddha Bar before, but I thought they only launch music CDs. It was a little bit far from my hotel, but the pedestrian road in Marrakech was wide.

Is it safe to walk alone at night in Marrakech, especially for women? The answer is yes. Most of the locals won’t harm you as the economy is relying on tourists.

Surprisingly, there were policemen patrolling the road. They were very friendly. One even told me to be careful and offered me a super sweet snack when I crossed the road.

marrakech morocco at night empty street female solo traveller
Sorry for the photo quality, my phone back then was an ancient one!

The Buddha Bar, which was just opened 2 months before my arrival in Morocco, is located just beside the high-end Savoy Hotel, in the heart of the Hivernage district.

I was very impressed by the luxurious exterior and interior design – right from the entrance until I stepped into the bar.

Once you passed the gate, there’s a backdrop where you can pose like a celebrity on the red carpet and take photos. If you want to smoke or host a cocktail party, the outdoor bar will be great.

buddha bar marrakech morocco entrance red carpet black backdrop solo female traveler green downjacket

However, if you prefer to sit inside, have a meal or just enjoying the music and watching some performances, step inside the beautiful bar!

I didn’t take too many photos because it’s an upscale bar and I didn’t want to make the people there felt uncomfortable.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, most Moroccans do not like their photos to be taken… On top of that, I decided to leave my DSLR in the hotel room for safety purposes.

red long hanging lanterns bar buddha bar marrakech morocco agirlnamedclara
agirlnamedclara female solo traveler smilling buddha bar marrakech morocco light background red wine
savoy hotel marrakech morocco night tourist female traveller holding marrakech leaflet brochure selfie
Right beside the Savoy Hotel!

As I couldn’t capture the beauty of Buddha Bar, Marrakech properly, you may click to watch their official opening video to see how beautiful it is:

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The Iconic Rick’s Café, Casablanca

chinese tour group tourist morocco tour guide sitting in rick's cafe casablanca drinking beer watching movie agirlnamedclara
Left-right: Cheston, me, Pamela, Audrey and our tour leader, Abderrahim

One shall never leave Casablanca, Morocco without visiting the iconic Rick’s Café.

This café is designed to recreate a bar in the famous classic movie “Casablanca”, played by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. I visited this place after dinner with my tour leader and some friends.

The interior design of Rick’s Café Casablanca is very beautiful and cozy. It is, in fact, quite minimalist compared to the other places that I visited in Morocco where you will see a lot of exotic ornaments.

Oh, how I wish I could stay longer, even more, went there in the morning or afternoon!

rick's cafe casablanca morocco entrance night agirlnameclara
casablanca beer rick's cafe casablanca morocco popcorn peanut background agirlnamedclara
asian girl solo traveler long hair smilling sitting on the chair holding a beer bottle rick's cafe casablanca morocco agirlnamedclara
game gambling table rick's cafe casablanca morocco agirlnamedclara

The video above gives you a tour of Rick’s Café and tips on how you should dress up. But don’t worry! If you come just for a drink, you can show up smart casual. No short pants and slippers, please!

As I stayed at home and devoured Indomie Ayam Geprek for the new year’s eve dinner, writing this blog makes me want to re-visit Buddha Bar Marrakech and Rick’s Café Casablanca.

Anyone travelling to Morocco should include these places on the itinerary! See you next week 🙂

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