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Chinatown 2.0: Lorong Panggung Amps Up the KL Destination

Since I always take public transport, I often go to Pasar Seni (Central Market) bus hub. Although the location of the bus hub is very near to China Town, it’s been ages since the last time I visited the KL destination.

So, last weekend my sister told me that there’s a hidden alley in Chinatown which would be one the best hangout places in Kuala Lumpur.

Apparently, a hidden alley just got a makeover earlier this year and it looks fabulously vintage!

The makeover project dubbed Project Kwai Chai Hong has restored 10 shophouses and a laneway hidden in between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling.

Let’s take a look at how this Chinatown alley looked like before the makeover…

agirlnamedclara lorong panggung chinatown kl before makeover
agirlnamedclara lorong panggung chinatown kuala lumpur old vintage decor

To think that I just realised this after almost a year, I think it would be an offense not to spread the good news to my fellow travellers. Especially those who’re planning to visit KL.

That’s including the new Antipodean branch, located opposite the Central Market 😉 So yeah, better late than never!

Lorong Panggung Chinatown, the Next Kuala Lumpur Top Destination?

agirlnamedclara kwai chai hong new lorong panggung chinatown kl bridge red chinese lantern

The new face of Lorong Panggung could be the initial makeover of Chinatown – at least that’s how I feel. I could see some constructions in several areas of the KL destination.

At the vintage alley, you’ll find trendy cafes and restaurants in eye-catching designs. Getting bored with catching up in shopping malls? Why not visit Chinatown, KL?

agirlnamedclara asian girl with specs smiling at hong qiao bridge lorong panggung chinatown kl
agirlnamedclara asian girl tourist traveler smiling eyeglasses concubine kl wall painting chinatown
agirlnamedclara lorong panggong chinatown kl model chinese ghost costume halloween photoshoot photographer
agirlnamedclara colorful vintage cart lorong panggung chinatown kl
This colourful vintage cart reminds me of Cuba…

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agirlnamedclara asian girl traveler posing blue vintage windows lorong panggung chinatown kl

Chinatown is Slowly Transforming

Besides Lorong Panggung, the area nearby is slowly transforming as well. For example, there’s a beautiful Beryl’s – Malaysian-made chocolate – shop which sells premium chocolates and others that you can’t find in supermarkets.

agirlnamedclara beryls premium shop chocolate lorong panggung chinatown kl
In the store, you can find chocolate from various countries
which produce the best chocolate such as Peru and the Dominican Republic
agirlnamedclara beryls dragees chocolate chinatown lorong panggung kuala lumpur
Dragees are peanuts coated chocolate
agirlnamedclara beryls polvoron lorong panggung chinatown kl destination spanish cookies
Polvorón is a type of soft and crumbly Spanish cookies

The shops nearby are getting major facelifts as well, such as:

agirlnamedclara kafe dian chinatown lorong panggung kl destination vintage chinese kopitiam
Do you remember the old, vintage kopitiam at the junction?
Now it looks like THIS.
cendol cart chinatown kuala lumpur agirlnamedclara
agirlnamedclara modern premium bar interior design chinatown kuala lumpur
Yes, you can find this kind of bar in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur
agirlnamedclara purple cane tea art food new minimalist design two woman walking chinatown kl
Purple Cane Tea Art Food now looking minimalist, bright and upscale

As a result of the makeovers, the area is now livelier and attracting more millennials. Your friends are vacationing in KL? Don’t forget to check out the Chinatown 2.0 – Lorong Panggung area 😉


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      Hi Revan, there are many stunning, vintage murals (artwork on the wall) there! But I don’t want to upload all the photos because it will slow down the page’s speed. And that’s very kind of you… It was an impromptu visit, I didn’t even wear makeup so actually was feeling ‘meh, ok whatever let’s turn this trip into a blog’ 🙂

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