Beach, Babe & BaraCoco Bungalows

Following the previous post about digital detox trip, this week I want to recommend a beautiful beach bungalow in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: BaraCoco Bungalows.

That’s right! South Sulawesi is more than just witnessing the ‘walking dead’ ceremony, hanging coffin and historical burial sites in Toraja.

Lemo Tomb Stone Toraja summer holiday in Indonesia
Behind me is Lemo Tomb Stone (a cemetery) and beside me are Tau-Tau
(wooden-carved human to embody the human spirits)

If you plan to go to Toraja (August is the best month), why not end your trip with a nice stay at a beautiful beach bungalow?

BaraCoco Bungalows is located right at Tanjung Bira (Bira Beach), giving you direct access to the beach whenever you want.

Each bungalow has its own balcony, a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom, ensuring you have a relaxing stay.

Pinisi Ship in the making at Tanjung Bira beach holiday Indonesia
On the way to Tanjung Bira, you can check out the making of Pinisi Ship
a girl in swimming suit posing at BaraCoCo Bungalows during beach summer holiday
The au naturel BaraCoco Bungalows
BaraCoCO Bungalows couple bedroom
BaraCoCo Bungalows Tanjung Bira natural beach bungalow for summer holiday
The beach Tanjung Bira view from BaraCoCo Bungalows during summer holiday
Soft, white beach with clear, blue ocean
a traditional bar at the beach Tanjung Bira near BaraCoco Bungalows
and… a traditional beach bar!

As there are only a few bungalows in the area, you’ll have a peaceful sleep at night. For more information, the free WiFi won’t be working at night so you’ll totally have a digital detox vacay!

a girl posing in BaraCoco Bungalows in sundress during summer beach holiday
a girl in Jasper Conran swimsuit posing at BaraCoco Bungalows Tanjung Bira Indonesia

Trust me, BaraCoco Bungalows is a place where you want to go with your bae.

Imagine hearing the sound of the waves drawing closer to the beach, soft wind blowing and some crickets chattering when you lie down on the bed at night.

You can even pull back the curtains to enjoy the beach view… or to spice things up 😉

natural beach bungalow in Tanjung Bira, Sulawesi, Indonesia BaraCoco Bungalows
The bungalow is spacious with big windows to enjoy the view

Unfortunately, I was (and still) single when I went there lol… I got to know about BaraCoco Bungalows from the independent tour operator that I contacted.

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To my surprise, most of the people who stayed there were Europeans. I guess not many Indonesians or Asians interested in beach bungalows when visiting Sulawesi?

If you’re one of them, I hope this blog post will change your mind! Staying in a beach bungalow is awesome – either you’re going on a solo trip or with bae ^ ^

a girl enjoying the beach view from BaraCoco Bungalows Sulawesi Indonesia
white sandy beach no people at Tanjung Bira near BaraCoco Bungalows
The beach is clean and with very fewer people
girl in vintage swimsuit posing at the bar in Tanjung Bira near BaraCoco Bungalows
It’s a very traditional, cozy beach bar
a girl in purple Jasper Conran swimsuit posing in Tanjung Bira beach holiday near BaraCoco Bungalows

However, there are a few catches if you choose to stay in BaraCoco Bungalows. The place is far far away from the city, it’s like 6 hours from Makassar (the capital of Sulawesi).

For your convenience, rent a car and local driver to send and pick you up the next day.

Another thing, since it’s an au naturel beach bungalow, there’s no AC. Rest assured, they provide an electric fan and the night wind is pretty strong, so you won’t be soaked in sweat.

a girl with big red hat and swimsuit in Tanjung Bira beach during summer holiday near BaraCoco Bungalows
a girl in swimsuit posing at Tanjung Bira beach during summer stays in BaraCoco Bungalows

So, have you decided on your next beach holiday?

If you have an extra budget and feel like vacay-ing in Europe this summer, the next blog post will discuss a charming beach stay in Sorrento, Italy.

Stay tuned, carino e bello!

BaraCoco Bungalows – Jalan Bara Bira, Bonto BahariBira, South Sulawesi 92571, Indonesia (+62 813-5584-8601)


  • Rahel Lewi

    Hi Clara, thamk you so much for your beautiful memories with us, it’s such a lovely review. We do appreciate it and for sure will be so helpful to other travelers who is seeking information about Bira-Bara and the surrounding and hope to see you again soon. Love from all of us in Baracoco Bungalows ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • theresiaclara

      Hi Rahel, it was lovely to meet you and you’re much welcome! I really enjoyed my stay and hopefully this post will inspire people to visit the beautiful beach and BaraCoco Bungalows. Thank you too for your kind gesture preparing me some pancakes for my early departure. Love, <3 <3 <3

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