Summer in Sorrento

As someone who dreams of traveling to as many countries as possible yet has a limited budget, usually, I only visit a country once.

However, there’s a country that I won’t mind to re-visit again and again. And that country is… Italy! xxx

During the summer holiday in June 2017, I went for a 12-day Italy trip and dropped by at Sorrento for a few days.

It was a very memorable trip – excellent food, classy architecture, lively people, beautiful scenery…

A woman smilling from her balcony during summer holiday in Sorrento, Italy with sea background.
Lourien, my roommate, was so happy that we got a room with a balcony and sea view

Summer in Italy could be really hot but trust me, once you visit their gorgeous beaches and coastal towns, it’s totally worth it to travel to Italy in summer!

On top of that, you’ll get clear, blue-sky for your photos 😉

Private Beach in Sorrento

Asian girl with flowery dress and Vespa in her summer holiday in Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is a small town in Southern Italy. It’s overlooking Bay of Naples and very close to Isle of Capri and Amalfi Coast, the must-visit Italian destinations.

Compared to Isle of Capri and Amalfi Coast, this little Italian town is very modest yet charming in its own way.

You won’t find luxury yachts or ferries on the beach, but you’ll have a beautiful, private beach if you choose to stay in this charming, little Italian town.

Isle of Capri during summer holiday Italy with luxury cruise and colourful buildings
Isle of Capri and Amalfi Coast should be in your bucket list!

Furthermore, as Isle of Capri and Amalfi Coast are top touristic summer destinations, there’s a big chance you’ll save more money staying in Sorrento.

After all, you can still take a day trip to the Isle of Capri or Amalfi Coast. It’s about 25 minutes with a private car!

Find out more about Sorrento here

Summer, Seafood and Italian Beach

A private beach in Sorrento, Italy during summer
The white building is my hotel. It offers a private beach to its customers
People fishing in a private beach in Sorrento, Italy during summer
You may try your luck fishing here
Asian girl in bikini, posing on Sorrento beach during summer holiday in Italy
Fancy cute bikinis? Find one online HERE
Female travellers swimming in Sorrento beach, Italy during summer holiday
Ancille and Lourien, my new friends from Philippines and South Africa

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Blue deck in Sorrento beach, Italy summer
Fresh seafood meal in Sorrento, Italy during summer holiday
Catch of the day
Italian penne in Sorrento, Italy during summer vacation
The penne looks plain yet very delicious
A feminine girl in flowery dress and flowery beautiful staircases in Sorrento, Italy during summer
Beautiful staircases in Sorrento.
Do you believe that there are houses built inside the cliff?

12-Days Summer Holiday in Italy
View the itinerary or book the ground tour here
Shop for some cute bikinis/swimming suits for your beach trip

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