Digital Detox Trip: City Edition in Copenhagen, Denmark

I wrote about Digital Detox Trip: Nature Edition before, now let’s talk about how we can truly act on it when travelling in the city!

How attached are you with your smartphone when you’re travelling? Are you always on your phone, busy updating your social media or chatting with your friends and family?

If yes, don’t you feel like you’re missing the point of travelling because you’re not present while travelling?

I get it. WiFi is very important because you can easily obtain direction, suggestion, etc within a click.

For me, I prefer to keep my phone in the bag unless I find a free WiFi during my meal/tea time or when I return to the hotel at night.

Denmark is the happiest country where you can have a digital detox trip in the city,
Denmark, the origin country of the well-known writer, Hans Christian Andersen
Passing by a unique Danish architecture with lots of windows in Copenhagen during a digital detox trip.
Admiring the Scandinavian architecture… how many windows do they need?

Here are some good reasons why you should ditch the portable WiFi while travelling:

  1. You won’t spend extra money for it (obviously)
  2. You can find free WiFi almost everywhere now
  3. You can use the computers at the hotel to go online for free
  4. You get to enjoy your trip because you won’t be distracted aka being totally present
  5. Unless you’re a celebrity, influencer or whoever whose income is depending on your social media update, the online world CAN WAIT
  6. Unless you want to catch up with your family members, you don’t need a portable WiFi
  7. If you’re a businessman and can’t be reached, if it’s truly important, that person WILL CALL/TEXT you
  8. You’ll be interacting with the locals or strangers (best bar? fastest route? flirting?) – what are you, an alien??
  9. You’ll make new friends
  10. You’re saving your smartphone battery for urgent matters
  11. If you’re single, you’ll look more approachable (less engaged with your smartphone)

For the Love of Food

Digital detox trip in Copenhagen isn't complete without a meal at Honey - salmon with apple juice

Since I’m depending on free WiFi, before I embark on a trip I will research and write down the places that I want to visit.

Usually, I’ll have a long list of the best restaurant/cafe/bar with its address.

Regarding how to get there, I’ll figure it out when I’ve arrived in that city (hello Maps and Human!).

My Copenhagen trip is so memorable because I made a new friend and got to eat in one of the most famous restaurants called “Honey”.

I got my map and the address but I was still lost.

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green so I could cross the street, I looked at the guy who’s standing beside me.

A girl posing in a church in Copenhagen during her digital detox trip in the city
Danish soldiers are lining up during my digital detox trip in Copenhagen
The Danish soldiers that you see on the tin of butter cookies

Since the traffic light took some time, I decided to ask him for direction.I thought he’s a local, but he’s actually a British who just arrived in town!

Liam was very friendly and helpful. After we failed to find the cafe with our conventional map, he took out his phone and used GPS as direction.

I initially didn’t want to disturb him, but he insisted to help me.

We walked quite far away then… HIS PHONE SUDDENLY DEAD.

It’s out of battery!!! There we were, two lost travellers!

Uh-oh! We asked a few locals but to our surprise, they didn’t know the whereabouts of Honey.

Some said we’ve already arrived yet there’s no sign of it.

Restaurant Honey is the best place for hygge and having digital detox trip

We’re about to give up until I saw it. The famous Scandinavian restaurant, located in the neighborhood, has its signboard hanged so high we didn’t realise that it was there!

As gratitude, I invited Liam to come inside for a drink and charging the battery of his phone.

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The Art of Hygge

the art of hygge Restaurant Honey interior design for digital detox
Honey the luxury canteen
contemporary minimalist Restaurant Honey interior design for digital detox experience
Ceiling lights and warm colour make you feel calm and comfortable


It’s minimalist, modern and warm at the same time. The food in Honey is as amazing as its interior design. It’s about quality over quantity.

Hygge (read Hooga): a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (Danish culture)

Google Dictionary
Fresh salmon with apple juice, cream & homemade bread for hygge and digital detox at Honey, Copenhagen
Fresh salmon with apple juice and fresh cream,
accompanied by freshly-baked bread and homemade butter

If you want to get some Scandinavian interior design tips or simply want to learn to be happier like the Danish (ranked as #1 happiest country), these two books could help.

The Joy of Making New Friends

Travellers making new friends while having digital detox trip in Copenhagen, Denmark
Thank you so much Liam for selflessly helping me to find this place!

After the meal, we walked around for a bit before departed. Did you know that Lego is from Denmark?

A happy girl in front of Lego Store in Copenhagen, Denmark
A boy looking at a giant lego at Lego Store in Copenhagen, Denmark
A boy and giant lego in front of Lego store in Copenhagen, Denmark

Isn’t it exciting to make new friends? Another experience is when I was in Russia.

People say Russians are unfriendly and it’s a dangerous country, esp St.Petersburg.

On the contrary, I found the locals very friendly – provided you smile to them and initiate the conversation.

Some of them didn’t speak English but it didn’t stop them to use Google Translate to communicate with me!

So amigos… summer is here, have you planned your next (digital detox) trip?

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  • Rahel Lewi

    Copenhagen is one of my fav city in Europe and anyway I saw snowflakes fell on my head for the first time in my life in this city as I walked out of the train station to find my hotel that’s actually only a few meters away from the station 🙂

    • theresiaclara

      Copenhagen is also one of my favourite destinations! The vibe is so different there, very modern but laid back with a lot of fresh seafood (fish lover here!) yumm~ What a wonderful experience you had, surely memorable… I could feel the excitement, reading your comment 🙂

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