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My Delayed Baggage Makes Me Realise the Ultimate Thing That Gives Me Confidence

Recently I watched A Star Is Born and boy – it’s been a long time since I watched such a beautiful movie! The story, soundtrack and actors are just wonderful and touching.

Don’t worry, this blog post is about my experience with delayed baggage and how it shaped my confidence, just like the title 😉

Lady Gaga is so charming in her natural look, a contrast to her theatrical makeup in “Bad Romance” era. It doesn’t mean I don’t love her antique persona, she just looks so different in the movie.

Still going gaga over A Star Is Born, I googled news about it and found out that she barely wears any makeup in the movie.

Oh, I wish my skin is as smooth as hers!

I don’t know if I’d feel confident to shoot a movie without wearing any makeup because the camera will zoom into my face, exposing imperfections.

confident without makeup
Source: Instagram

There was a time when I had to go makeup-free for five days in Spain because of a baggage delay. Although I always wear minimal makeup (BB cream + lipstick), but the cream covers my blackheads, big pore, dark circles under my eyes, makes my nose appears less flat and protects my face from harmful sunlight.

In short, makeup makes me look better and boost my confidence.

Moreover, it’s summer in Spain! Everyone dressed up nicely, I wanted to look good in case I met attractive latino #single I also wanted to look good in my holiday photos.

At first, I thought it’s the makeup-free that made me felt unconfident, but I was wrong. I felt unconfident not because of lack of makeup, but lack of clean clothes.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t buy new makeup and clothes while waiting for the baggage to arrive. Actually, I was in a quite difficult situation.

I felt unconfident not because of lack of makeup, but lack of clean clothes.

First, the officer at the airport told me that I most probably get my baggage at night or at least 24 hours. When I walked around Madrid, I only found shops that sell tourist clothes with “Spain” or “Madrid” written in bold. The men t-shirts looked nice but that’s not the case for the ladies’, so I decided to wait until night.

Second, I brought only cash. I don’t have a credit card, that’s why I was conscious about spending on clothes that I didn’t like, plus would make me feel more unconfident.

Third, the airline stated in their website that the reimbursement for the economy class passenger is max. USD 100. Another reason to spend carefully.

Fourth, turned out I didn’t get my baggage that night and the day after was Sunday, means most of the shops would be closed. My tour guide said I had to wait ‘till the next day.

I didn’t care about looking good anymore. I just wanted to wear new clothes.

delayed baggage confident no makeup
Forcing a smile for this Toledo view

Luckily, I bought a pack of disposable underwear and a pair of socks from a pharmacy when I was at the airport.

Still, the feeling of not being able to change my clothes for 2-3 days turned out affecting my confidence more than being makeup-free.

My roommate was so nice to offer me her clothes, skin care and beauty kit.

To make myself looked more colourful and add variation to my holiday photos, I got myself a beautiful Spanish scarf in Toledo. The bright, red colour instantly boosted my mood and I felt better.

The power of colour!

delayed baggage no-makeup day confidence


spain delayed baggage confidence

Late afternoon in Granada, when everyone was catching a tram to the famous Torre de la Vela at the Alhambra to see the sunset, I had to sacrifice the moment to shop for new clothes.

The alleys in Granada reminded me of Venice, confusing yet wonderful. Suddenly, I saw Ale-Hop, Zara, H&M, Mango and other shops. OMG, THEY’RE OPEN!!!

That day, I did what I rarely do when travelling: shopping for clothes. I was so happy, you can see it on my face. To end the day, I went to a small tapas bar nearby my hotel for dinner.

confident spain delayed baggage

spain tapas delayed baggage
The locals usually eat dinner at 9pm

tapas spain wanderlust delayed baggage tapas spain wanderlust

So ladies, if your baggage is delayed and you’re stranded without your makeup kit, remember that the ultimate confidence doesn’t come from makeup. Personal hygiene is more important than makeup.

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