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    Cuando Me Enamoro

    I love reading but when it comes to the Bible, it’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the word of God daily. Oh, let me correct the sentence. It’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the Bible from the beginning ’till the end. Honestly, I get lazy after a few days esp when I can’t relate the message to the modern world problem. Therefore, I feel so grateful to Nicky and Pippa Gumbel who created the Bible in One Year app! Now, I’m not a very religious person but I do believe in Him, pray and go to the church. Peace be with me when I…

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    My Delayed Baggage Makes Me Realise the Ultimate Thing That Gives Me Confidence

    Recently I watched A Star Is Born and boy – it’s been a long time since I watched such a beautiful movie! The story, soundtrack and actors are just wonderful and touching. Don’t worry, this blog post is about my experience with delayed baggage and how it shaped my confidence, just like the title 😉 Lady Gaga is so charming in her natural look, a contrast to her theatrical makeup in “Bad Romance” era. It doesn’t mean I don’t love her antique persona, she just looks so different in the movie. Still going gaga over A Star Is Born, I googled news about it and found out that she barely…