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Bajirao Mastani, an Award-winning Bollywood Movie for Lockdown Leisure

I seldom watch Bollywood movies. But if you’re free during the lockdown, I highly recommend “Bajirao Mastani”, an award-winning Indian movie that will mesmerise you for 158 minutes.

“Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” was the only Indian movie that I watched in my teenage years and it left a very good impression of Indian movies on me. #90skid #shahrukhkan

After that, I didn’t watch any Indian movie until the lockdown. Now that I have more free time than ever, suddenly I thought of watching something different.

I remembered the trip to India that I cancelled because of the unrest in Kashmir… So, I googled for the best Bollywood movie and Bajirao Mastani appeared as one of them.

Breakfast in Ella, Sri Lanka. It’s not India, but near 😛

Not only the plot of the story that captured me but also the quality of the picture, the design of the costume, the beauty of the architecture and of course!

The famous actor and actresses – Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra (the only one I’m familiar with, but I’m sure they’re all famous lol).

Yesterday, I couldn’t wait for the clock to hit 7pm so I could stop working and watch Bajirao Mastani! I didn’t research much about the 2015 Bollywood movie because the trailer has won my heart.

Bajirao Mastani, an Epic Bollywood Love Story

The movie takes us back to the 18th century.

Mastani, a Muslim warrior princess of Bundelkhand asked Bajirao, a Hindi prime minister of Maratha, to join a battle to save her kingdom. After the battle, sparks fly between them but Bajirao is already married to Kashibai, hence he left.

Before Bajirao left, he passed his dagger to Mastani, unaware that in her Rajput culture, it means a symbol of marriage. Mastani leaves her hometown and travel to Maratha for Bajirao.

Ever since then, it’s a never ending battlefield for the two three of them. It’s a love triangle, afterall! Mixed with religion and culture, it becomes even more complicated.

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Lockdown? Spread Love, Not War

The epic love story not only receives a lot of nominations and awards & entertain us during the lockdown but encourages us to love fiercely*, be graceful and show kindness.

Religion shouldn’t divide us.
Love can be a source of strength.
Kindness and mercy surpass all.
Men should treat women with dignity.

Bajirao Mastani is not just another Bollywood movie. The messages of the movie ring true to us until now, even during the lockdown.

*ehm, personally I choose a monogamy relationship. Kudos to Kashibai!

There will be no shackles of religion or relationships to tear us apart
And that will remain will be the fire of love in our hearts
Love that knows no religion
Love that is a gift from God
Love that in itself is Supreme

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