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Eat Fresh, Eat Well: Ryoshi Izakaya Signature

This isn’t a paid post for Ryoshi Izakaya Signature.

Rule of thumb when it comes to socializing is to appreciate the ones who are kind to you. Perhaps someone asks you out for a date, friends send you home although their house isn’t in the same direction with yours, or you’re invited for dinner.

The appreciation doesn’t have to be ‘tit-for-tat’. It’s as simple as bringing them their favorite snack from your home country when you balik kampong and paying for the parking ticket. Or, you can also write a blog post about it, as I do 🙂

Last weekend, I was invited by a friend to his newly-opened Japanese restaurant at Atria Shopping Gallery. We actually haven’t talked for more than a year when he suddenly messaged me. He invited me for a food tasting and gave him some feedback.

ryoshi izakaya signature food tasting session
I thought they will serve finger food, but it’s a 9 courses dinner (the dessert wasn’t written)

I gladly recommend his restaurant, Ryoshi Izakaya Signature, because I truly feel the food is fresh and tastes really nice.


Such a unique chawanmushi bowl at Ryoshi Izakaya Signature
Such a unique chawanmushi bowl

I was surprised that the portion of the chawanmushi was very generous. The bowl was pretty big compared to the chawanmushi I usually have. On top of that, I liked the attention that they give to the customer – look at the spoon!

chawanmushi at ryoshi izakaya signature
‘Till the last bite, my protein bowl! Steamed egg, chicken, ginko and mushroom

Rather than providing a dessert spoon made of metal, this one looked like a mini soup spoon, made of ceramic. It holds your egg perfectly ’till the last bite. You know how crumbly chawanmushi could be!

Salmon, Salad and Oyster

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature Salmon Carpaccio Salada
Salmon Carpaccio Salada

As someone who enjoys food, my friend is very particular about customers’ satisfaction. He only wants to serve fresh food – from the seafood to the sauce.

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature Kampachi and Salmon Sashimi
Kampachi and Salmon Sashimi

The salmon in Ryoshi Izakaya Signature is flown from Norway and always fresh, not frozen. A very refreshing salad and fresh, juicy salmon, yumm~ Unfortunately, I don’t eat oysters, so I can’t comment on it.


Ryoshi Izakaya Signature Tonsoku - Pig's Feet
Tonsoku – Pig’s Feet

Normally I don’t eat pig’s feet, but this one was really nice! The skin was crispy and full of flavor while the meat and some parts of the bone were tender. Give it a few drops of lemon and a bit of soy sauce to bring out more flavor!

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Mini Buta Aburi Don

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature Pork belly rice
Pork belly rice

Buta Aburi Don was one of my favorite foods in this restaurant. Again, the pork was very juicy, complemented with the crispy seaweed and sesame. Alas, my friend hadn’t perfected the steamed rice. He’s using good quality rice, but the texture was too soft.

Tori Nanban

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature Tori Nanban
Chicken coated in crispy egg batter, soaked in tartar sauce

The champion. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!

The chef was creative enough to make the Tori Nanban looked more than just a fried chicken. Correction, it WAS more than just a Japanese fried chicken!

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature chicken nanban
You won’t get enough of the tartar sauce

You could really feel the egg on the batter, perhaps one of the reasons why it smelled so good. The chicken was very juicy and thick – they ain’t fooling you with thick batter! And OH, THE NANBAN SAUCE.

The nanban sauce made the dish even more delicious. It’s milky and salty, with chopped onion and radish (I guess?). I could order a bowl of steamed rice and tori nanban for myself. No sharing, hehe!

Yakitori and Soup

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature yakitori
More meat, less fat – that’s how I like my protein

Alright, this is subjective. To me, the chicken and pork skewers are juicy, very filling and nice. The teriyaki chicken skewer wasn’t too sweet and it didn’t have any fat – which was good!

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature soup

On the other side, no pork dishes are yummy without the pork fat. The pork skewers were HUGE (you can’t really see from the photo because they’re not taken in the front view). There were fat but not in big slices, the proportion of the fat and the meat was just nice.

Did I mention that Ryoshi Izakaya Signature marinates the pork meat in milk and other spices overnight? Also, did you know that pork fat is one of the most nutritious foods?

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature black sesame ice cream

It may look like a normal black sesame ice cream, but believe me, it’s not. The black sesame ice cream at Ryoshi Izakaya Signature is by far, the best that I’ve tasted.

The color wasn’t as black as black sesame seed but you could really feel a thick, creamy black sesame in every scoop. It was far from bitter but not too sweet. Gosh, while writing this, I regret not asking for a second scoop!

At the end of the dinner, I was so full and happy. It’s been a long time I didn’t eat a really nice Japanese food. Truly, life is too short to focus only on traveling. Thou shall eat well too, agree? 😉

*Ryoshi Izakaya Signature – The Atria Shopping Gallery (G-Floor, North Entrance)

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