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Galentine’s Day at Sea Rock Villa, Bentota, Sri Lanka

It’s the lovey-dovey month again (yes, FEBRUARY) and the sky has been gloomy these days. Come on, we need sunshine to welcome Valentine’s day!

In February 2019, I went to Sri Lanka for a 6 days solo trip and enjoyed it to the max. The travel agent arranged a one night stay at Sea Rock Villa, Bentota before my last day and I found myself thinking, “Yes! I deserved this!”.

Bentota is a resort town with clean, private beaches, comfortable resorts and less packed. It’s a contrast to Hikkaduwa, which is as busy as Kuta (Bali).

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Remember to visit Galle Fort before you head to your accommodation

If you’re thinking to have Valentine’s Day trip in Sri Lanka with bae, you will get the privacy, calmness and the beach almost to yourself in Bentota.

Compare & Book Transportation – from Colombo to Bentota

For my friends who have been following my blog, you may realise that in daily life I spend consciously/frugally yet when it comes to holiday, sometimes I just want to enjoy the finer things in life.

When I googled Sea Rock Villa, the accommodation they arranged for me, I knew the cost of my Standard Room with breakfast was over my budget.

According to the hotel’s website, the room costs around RM322/night. But I agreed because the days before were jam-packed with activities.

A peaceful me-time in an exclusive hotel with a private beach would be nice.

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Sea Rock Villa, Bentota – a Small Hotel with Private Beach and Yummy Food

It looks like a typical Continental breakfast but the toasts are VERY NICE.

When I mentioned privacy, I was talking about a small hotel with only nine rooms. Furthermore, you will get air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, en-suite bathroom and a private balcony!

Staying in Sea Rock Villa, Sri Lanka is great but the downside – it’s far from the city center. It’s not like Hikkaduwa where you can go out at night to sample foods, shop or sit down in a bar.

And when you’re staying in a nice hotel on your last day, make sure that you still have enough cash or bring your credit card because the cost of the food will be higher than you usually have.

Book Transportation to Bentota Online

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I can eat a lot during the holiday. It’s part of the Continental breakfast!
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morning beach view private balcony from the room sea rock villa bentota sri lanka agirlnamedclara
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After a big breakfast, I can’t hide the muffin top lol

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Like other resorts in Bentota, Sri Lanka, Sea Rock Villa is ideal for family and couple trips due to the exclusivity and serene environment.

If you’re travelling solo for Galentine’s Day, you might feel a little lonely. But remember! Only you can make that Sri Lanka dream trip happens – don’t wait for others 🙂

Sea Rock Villa
712 Galle Road, Yalegama, Induruwa, Bentota, Sri Lanka


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