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This is the City Where You Should Dress to Kill

When was the last time you dress up when traveling? If you think it’s not important, you should really dress to kill if you plan to visit this city.

When it comes to travel, I’ll make sure that I make the most of my time when I’m in a new place because I don’t know if I can afford a second visit.

Be it try as many as local cuisine, take lots of photos, tick off all must-visit spots, make new friends with the locals or getting lost.

I’ll also make sure that I wear comfortable shoes to help me walk all day, from morning till night.

I mean it.

The latest I ever returned to my hotel room was at 2 am when I was in Morocco. I went to check out Buddha Bar after dinner, a few kilometres from my hotel. It’s a beautiful bar with calm, sensual ambience and nice music. Will share the story one day 😊

As much as I’d love to wear high heels to enhance my appearance and make me taller (especially when I’m in Europe), I love my travel moment too much that I won’t let anything ruin the day.

I want my day to go smoothly, without the interruption of tired legs or need to plaster the back of my feet because they’re bleeding from too much walking.

dress to kill in venice
Most of Scholl shoes look like Plain Janes, but they’re designed to care for the anatomy of the foot thus I always wear them when I travel. The foot arch supports also make me taller hihihi…

However, there’s a city where I’m willing to compromise.

It’s such a wonderful city with gorgeous architecture, beautiful sea view, tasty food and fashionable people. When you step into the city, you’ll feel the energy and can’t wait to explore!

You’ll want to have amazing photos and dismiss the casual-tourist-look by dressing up.

After all, we are our own ambassadors and the way we dress represents who we are. Not forget to mention that every country has its own fashion rules, so you better find out before pack that baggage!

Don’t worry about being overdressed, there’s no such thing here. In fact, many tourists do it – dress up like the locals!

And that city is….


Note the word “compromise” – instead of high heels, I optioned for wedges. Wedges offer a broader area for your feet when you’re walking, plus they don’t have dangerous curves like stilettos, pumps or other members of the high heels family.

In other words, they won’t make your legs feel as tired as high heels. Oh, and without any bleed!

Why Venice? I’ll let the photos explain what makes me fall in love with this city. Before that, perhaps you want to play “That’s Amore” by Patrizio Buanne to grasp the feeling hehe :p

venice fashion dress to kill

fashion italy venice

venice wanderlust traveling

venice fashion dress up
Dressing up makes you feel confident and creates a better photo. This photo will give different feeling if I was wearing casual.

cassanova venice gondola travel gondola venice italy

Aside from the romantic sea view and gondola ride, you’ll love getting lost in the maze. It’s true that when you’re in Venice, it’s important to get lost!

You’ll find many interesting shops, like the ones selling mask, usually for Carnival of Venice.

Most of the mask shops are pretty small, if you want to choose your mask conveniently, you can head to La Bauta. I accidentally found this shop when I was in the maze.

The spacious area and unique mask designs instantly caught my eyes. The shop has another branch where it usually holds workshops on how to make your own mask.

The sales girl was so kind to help me take these photos. I wanted to buy her drinks or food to pay her favour, but she declined. In return, I’m gladly writing a positive review of La Bauta in TripAdvisor, its Facebook page and this blog.

lost in venice
Don’t worry if you get lost, just follow the signage. “Per Rialto” will bring you to the famous Rialto Bridge, then you just have to walk for a few minutes to reach the train station.
venice fashion carnival masquerade
This is my most favourite mask.

unicorn italy venice fashionblogger

You’re in Venice, go hunt for the best tiramisu in town! There are some nice tiramisu shops, but I chose to hunt for I Tre Mercanti because a lot of people recommend it.

It’s not as easy as from the outside, the shop is inside a quite old, white building that doesn’t catch attention.

tiramisu italy foodie venice tiramisu venice traveling

Out from the maze is St.Mark’s Square where people gather, stroll around, drink coffee, meet friends or flirting. You’ll find some must-visit places there, just be ready for the queue.

St.Mark's Basilica Italy Travel
St.Mark’s Basilica – look at the details!

italy venice wanderlust italy venice sunset venice cafe holiday italy

romantic italian holiday venice couple dancing
Sip a cup of Italian coffee in the afternoon, enjoy the live music and dance with your partner like nobody’s watching.

Behind the scene, before I headed out to Venice…. I found out that the dress that I wanted to wear was crumpled. Luckily my hotel’s hair dryer looks like a steamer, so I used it to “iron” the dress LOL… and it worked!

So, ladies and gentlemen… Venice is your runway, dress to kill is absolutely recommended 😉

dress to kill fashion venice

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