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    Confessions of a Crossdresser

    Buon giorno! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went to Bali for four days and returned to KL with a flowery mood. It was a great, lovely short trip with my boyfriend. As you can see from the cover photo, we have a huge age gap. A friend asks me, “Are you for real?” haha… But hey! Age is just a number. We don’t get to choose who the heart wants. It just happens… You can deny or mask the truth, but you can’t lie to yourself. And then, out of a sudden, this friend of mine makes a shocking confession. “Clara… I’m a crossdresser.” The Heartbreaking, Beautiful…

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    How Sharing While Travelling Makes You Happier

    I’ve lost count of how many times the church sermons inspired me to write a new blog post. Today, they talked about being grateful and the joy of sharing – which I can truly relate as an avid traveller. By the way, my dad thinks it’s weird that I go to two churches every Sunday (Catholic mass in the morning then Anglican mass in the afternoon). I’m not a super religious person but it sparks joy because each has a different ritual style. You get to sing different kind of songs as well! Ok, back to the topic. When I was a kid and lived in Indonesia, my family had…

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    Cuando Me Enamoro

    I love reading but when it comes to the Bible, it’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the word of God daily. Oh, let me correct the sentence. It’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the Bible from the beginning ’till the end. Honestly, I get lazy after a few days esp when I can’t relate the message to the modern world problem. Therefore, I feel so grateful to Nicky and Pippa Gumbel who created the Bible in One Year app! Now, I’m not a very religious person but I do believe in Him, pray and go to the church. Peace be with me when I…

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    A Wanderlust’s Journey to The Road Less Traveled

    What I’m going to share with you isn’t about discovering a secret travel escape or an inspirational book by M. Scott Peck. It’s how to overcome your wanderlust, live a life with fewer trips in a year – like what I’m trying to do. I always see wanderlusts as happiest people. Oh, the twinkle in their eyes! You can feel the burning passion in them when they share their travel stories. That cheerful, spontaneous spirit and dreamy eyes… But what happens if you take the passion away from them? Like what I’m trying to do now, toning down the wanderlust within. Toning Down the Wanderlust Within Why? Because as a…

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    Globetrotters and ‘Macarons’, Is It True?

    Some people think that globetrotters or people who travel a lot will kiss and bang strangers from around the world. Perhaps, in every country they visit. Where’s this perception comes from?? Once I had catch up with my ex-colleagues. We’re very close and brutally honest, we discuss anything. At one point, my male friend asked me, “So Clara… Do you try a lot of ‘macarons’ when you’re travelling?” “Macarons?” I asked in confusion. The first thing that popped up on my mind was Ladurée, the famous French macaron that I tried while in transit in Charles de Gaulle. “You know what I mean,” he looked at me with naughty gaze.…

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    Behind the Hype of Singles’ Day: The Truth of Being Single in China

    What used to be a self-pampering day by single university students in Nanjing, China, has become the biggest shopping spree around the world. This year, Alibaba broke its own Singles’ Day sales record by racking up $30.8 billion in one day. That means $5.5 billion more than last year! Looking at the number of one day sale in one country, the Chinese sure are super excited with the deals and try to grab as much as they can with lower prices. To the world, the mega-success of Singles’ Day may represent not only the effect of a brilliant business strategy but may also paint a rainbow image of how Chinese…