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A Hidden KL Destination: The Camera Museum at Gold3 Boutique Hotel

There are many speakeasy aka hidden bars in Malaysia. But what about a hidden museum located on the 1st floor of a boutique hotel in KL?

If you’re a fan of photography, art or simply want to update your Instagram account, check out The Camera Museum at Gold 3 Boutique Hotel in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur!

As a note, this isn’t a paid post 😉

How I Found the Hidden Camera Museum at Gold 3 Hotel, KL

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Photo courtesy: Gold 3 Boutique Hotel

I never knew that there’s a stylish and affordable boutique hotel in the alley of Bukit Bintang until my childhood friend messaged me on Instagram.

So, he went for a holiday to KL, stayed at Gold 3 Boutique Hotel but alas – left his brand new jacket in his room.

He asked if I could do him a favour by picking up the jacket from the hotel and keep it until his next visit to Malaysia.

As the location of the hotel is near my church, so I agreed.

It is actually in the alley beside Ansa Hotel. Go further down the road and the hotel will be on your left side.

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Before I went to Gold 3 Boutique Hotel, I researched about the hotel as I never heard about it before.

To my surprise, it’s a very stylish, artistic boutique hotel! And when I reached there, I found out that there’s a Camera Museum on the 1st floor.

WOW! What a lucky day!

No wonder there are different types of cameras at the lobby, used by the hotel as decorations.

A Hidden KL Destination: The Vintage Camera Museum at Gold 3 Boutique Hotel

vintage camera museum gold 3 hotel kl destination agirlnamedclara

From the modern-minimalist interior design with splashes of black, white and gold colours, you will be transported back to many, many years ago once the lift takes you to the camera museum.

The first floor of the hotel is divided into two areas – the spacious, modern lounge and the vintage camera museum.

Believe me, you will love the contrast feeling. As if you’re in two different time zones at the same time!

vintage phone camera museum gold 3 hotel kl malaysia destination_agirlnamedclara
On one side, a vintage shop cum museum…
agirlnamedclara_short hair mature woman hotel lounge gold 3 kl destination malaysia
…on the other side, a modern and minimalist lounge

I went there alone for the first time and I regret because nobody could help me take photos. The second time, I brought my mom along so we could help each other, hehe!

You will find many types of camera such as the Brownie (1953), Golden H (1974) to Canon EOS 40D (2007) displayed there.

agirlnamedclara camera museum kl gold 3 hotel destination vintage camera
the camera museum gold 3 hotel kl malaysia destination vintage camera type_agirlnamedclara

Gold 3 Boutique Hotel even provides a darkroom, which is used to process photographic film, make prints and other photography-related businesses.

dark room photography camera museum kl destination agirlnamedclara

Feeling tired after posing and snapping pictures? Or waiting for your turn to strike a pose?

asian woman with short hair modern camera museum vintage gold 3 hotel kl malaysia destination_agirlnamedclara

Make yourself comfortable and relax in their beautiful lounge. The lounge is complete with water dispenser, chairs, standing table, coffee table + sofas and dining table.

asian girl long hair smell roses flowers hotel lounge gold 3 kl destination camera museum_agirlnamedclara

So, the next time you go to Bukit Bintang or Starhill area in KL, Malaysia, remember to visit this hidden destination.

The Camera Museum at Gold 3 Boutique Hotel is something not to be missed 🙂

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