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    A Hidden KL Destination: The Camera Museum at Gold3 Boutique Hotel

    There are many speakeasy aka hidden bars in Malaysia. But what about a hidden museum located on the 1st floor of a boutique hotel in KL? If you’re a fan of photography, art or simply want to update your Instagram account, check out The Camera Museum at Gold 3 Boutique Hotel in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur! As a note, this isn’t a paid post 😉 How I Found the Hidden Camera Museum at Gold 3 Hotel, KL I never knew that there’s a stylish and affordable boutique hotel in the alley of Bukit Bintang until my childhood friend messaged me on Instagram. So, he went for a holiday to KL,…

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    #hellostrangers: The Quirky Travel Photos

    When we travel, we want to freeze that happy moment through our lenses. Be it unique, beautiful or quirky travel photos, they will forever be in your heart. After all, we’ve come from far far away and been waiting for the holiday! For me who often travel solo, I’m always a bit anxious if I would meet people who can handle my DSLR. Even though I always join a tour group or book private drivers and guides (which most people I meet can handle the camera), there will be times when I’ll be roaming the street alone. I used to believe that anyone can handle DSLR as long as I…

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    Something Strange Happened When I Was in Vatican City

    A few days ago, I’ve been thinking what to write for the next blog post. I’ve made a list of topics for the blog, but I didn’t want to force myself to publish something without the excitement burning inside while typing the article. On Sunday morning when I arrived at the church, suddenly I got an idea of what to write. The idea was so simple, yet I felt it would be useful to any of you who are planning to visit Vatican City for Christmas. It’s also for everyone, whether you’re a believer or a free thinker when you travel to sacred places. After the choir sang a few songs, I…