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Trastevere, a Hidden Gem in Rome

I’m sorry that recently I only update this blog once every two weeks. I don’t have the mood to share travel stories when many people are tired of the lockdown (like me) or facing financial problems.

But! I realized that I feel happy when I recall summer trips, when the sun shines so bright and the air feels light. Therefore, this week I want to share with you my lovely experience in Trastevere, a hidden gem in Rome, Italy.

Finding Trastevere, a Hidden Gem in Rome

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I reached Rome in the afternoon and had a quick lunch at the airport (something that I regret). By the time I put my luggage in the hotel, it was already around 2pm and I had a meetup with the rest of the tour members around 5pm.

I didn’t want to have a pocket WiFi to save money, so with persistence and a map, I started my journey to find this hidden gem, have a quick tour and come back for the meetup.

Oh boy, finding Trastevere wasn’t easy!

From my hotel, I needed to walk, take a tram and ask some locals where to stop. When I finally stopped at the ‘right destination’, I still needed to find the famous medieval and gastronomical neighbourhood. I walked so fast and so far ’till my feet hurt.

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Unfortunately, not all Italians speak English. I literally asked everyone that I met on the street (yes, I HAD to find it!) and thank God, I met a man who spoke English. He’s an Italian who worked as a university lecturer in America.

No, no, no, it’s not what you think. There’s no romance drama for me in Rome lol..

We talked a bit then he stopped in front of an alley. The alley that my tram passed by, the alley that looked like a normal alley in the neighbourhood, turned out leading to Trastevere!

This is how I feel when I was gazing at the wonderful alley:

Trastevere, a Charming Place for Gastronomy Adventure

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One word to describe the hidden gem: it’s so charming! I fell in love with Italy the moment I strolled along Trastevere.

Imagine walking in green, narrow cobbled streets surrounded with beautifully decorated cafes and bars. The afternoon sun shines your path, the smell of fresh flowers, the sight of people sitting outside the cafe while sipping authentic Italian coffee.

Then, you’ll realized that Trastevere is a labyrinthine district, which reminds you of the alluring Venice. Mamma mia!

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I wish I had an earlier flight so I could have lunch there. The fried artichoke, a traditional Italian dish, was really tempting… Alas, my time was running out. So I enjoyed my first Italian gelato while sitting at Fontana di Santa Maria.

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fried artichoke trastevere rome italy agirlnamedclara
Fried artichoke
tourist sit drink coffee in trastevere rome cobbled street agirlnamedclara

Trastevere, oh Trastevere… il mio amore. If I ever return to Italy, I will come back for an afternoon tea or a romantic dinner.

If you plan to visit this hidden destination in Rome, this article will show you how to get there. I wish I did my homework back then! Hopefully, this Trastevere virtual tour cheers you up 🙂

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