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Misty Morning in Óbidos, Portugal

Happy Malaysia Day! I hope you’re enjoying your one-day off 😉 Last night the wind blew strongly and the weather was cold. So, this week I’ll take you to Óbidos, Portugal.

In the previous week, we went to Porto. Actually, before I reached Porto, I stopped by at Óbidos, a classic small town with narrow cobbled streets. There’s nothing much to see there, but it was a beautiful morning that I’ll remember.

That day was cold and misty, I and my friends had the privilege to enjoy Ginja – a Portuguese liqueur made from ginja berries, alcohol and sugar. Imagine drinking cherry liqueur in a cold morning!

Make no mistake, we didn’t plan to get drunk in the morning. Ginja is sweet, people said it’s an alcoholic drink for children. To make it even better, you don’t drink it with a wine glass but in a tiny cup made of chocolate.

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This tiny cup of cherry liqueur won’t make you drunk 😉

Yes, you read that right! Dark, milk or white chocolate – choose as you wish! As a chocolate lover, it made me even happier. I had around 2-3 Ginja in a dark chocolate cup.

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As we reached quite early in the morning, the shops just started to open. There were a few tourists but I think the street was filled mostly by my group tour.

I remembered the street that we explored was a narrow one where there’s only one way to go in and out just, like the road in Desa Penglipuran (Penglipuran Village), Bali.

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sardine in a tin souvenir obidos portugal agirlnamedclara
Sardines in a tin – a typical Portuguese souvenir, hehe!
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new clothes travel spain portugal agirlnamedclara
My new clothes, thanks to the delayed luggage (for 4 days!) #blessingindisguise

The beauty of Óbidos in the morning is calming, like enchanting river. A quiet, misty morning in a small classic town full of flowers, souvenir shops, cobbled street, and obviously – Ginja.

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