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My ‘Unbranded’ Year End Sale Items Surprised Me

“What did you buy during 11.11 sale?” my friend asked me.

“Skincare products,” I replied, feeling a lil’ bit proud of myself.

“Claraaa??!!” she looked at me at disbelief Lol…

Yup, most of the products that I bought during the year end sale are ‘unbranded’ or should I say, less popular.

What makes me excited the most during the year end sale is I can stock-up skincare products such as shampoo, conditioner, face serum, face moisturizer, lip balm, etc at low prices #necessity

I always tell people that I’m a FIRE movement follower, but I know I’m not 100% doing what’s supposed to do: saving >50% of my salary for my retirement.

I use some of my savings to fund my travel because I don’t want to find myself passed away before the supposed-to-be early retirement, with a loaded bank account yet resenting my whole life.

However, the FIRE followers and my love for travelling are the ones who inspire me to spend consciously. Hence, my happiness stocking-up the skincare products during year end sale.

In this post, I want to share some ‘unbranded’ products that you may have seen but always give them a pass because they don’t appeal to you, or the brand isn’t convincing enough.

The ‘Unbranded’ Items You Shouldn’t Miss at the Year End Sale

Sure, I agree with price comes quality. But if you wish to save more, I feel that these products offer good quality at affordable prices.

Oh and btw, this is not a paid post 😉

Watsons Brands – Cream Bath, Body Scrub, Lip Balm

agirlnamedclara year end sale watsons malaysia so nourishing refresing moisturising cream bath body wash
I’m currently using the blue colour and so happy with it!

Just because they’re the local drugstore brand, doesn’t mean they’re low quality. Furthermore, one of the reasons why their products are affordable is because they don’t spend much to promote the products.

Watsons Cream Bath caught my attention during 11.11 Sale. With just RM20 for 2 bottles of @750ml body wash, who could resist the offer???

However, the ingredients of the cream bath are the main reason why I was willing to risk RM20 to try ‘unbranded’ products that I’ve never used before.

The ‘MoistLock Complex’ promises the product contains 1/4 moisturising ingredients.

At that moment, the first brand that popped into my mind was Dove’s body wash – creamy, moisturising and doesn’t produce many bubbles as a normal body wash.

I got hooked the first time I took bath with Watsons So Nourishing Cream Bath. The texture felt exactly like Dove and it made me smelled really good! My mom, who was skeptical when she saw me using it, was also hooked instantly once she tried it!

All right, without further a due, I shall show you the attractive ingredients of Watsons So Nourishing, So Moisturising and So Refreshing Cream Bath. And let you decide if you’d like to try them yourself!

agirlnamedclara watsons so nourishing softening cream bath ingredients
Watsons So Nourishing Softening Cream Bath – imagining nourishing my skin with these ingredients… esp shea butter and macadamia oil xx
agirlnamedclara watsons so nourishing radiance cream bath ingredients
Watsons So Nourishing Radiance Cream Bath – the apricot and calendula got me hooked!
I used to apply calendula face moisturiser every day
agirlnamedclara watsons so moisturising beauty cream bath ingredients
Watsons So Moisturising Beauty Cream Bath – I LOVE all the ingredients, esp argan oil xxx
agirlnamedclara Watsons so refreshing nourishinh cream bath ingredients
Watsons So Refreshing Nourishing Cream Bath – the one I’m currently using.
Shea butter and vitamins for my skin? Why not!
agirlnamedclara watsons naturals argan oil lip balm, cream body scrub oatmeal cocoa butter
Did you know that argan oil is only produced in Morocco? The aroma of the oil is very relaxing… While oatmeal is very popular for sensitive skin such as Psoriasis and Eczema

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Palmer’s Natural Skin Care

agirlnamedclara palmer's cocoa butter skin perfecting moisturising day cream, moisture rich night cream, white & even night renewal cream
Four for RM88 – what a deal!

Palmer’s is a famous American brand that uses only high quality, natural ingredients. You’ll know once you open the packaging as the aroma of the coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter or olive oil is pretty strong.

Besides offering high quality products at affordable prices, using Palmer’s means you’re supporting fair trade and organically certified ingredients.

Up until now, I’ve used Palmer’s body lotion, shampoo, cocoa butter face scrub (not suitable for people with big pores), coconut face oil and coconut face moisturiser.

I giggled when I opened the coconut face moisturiser as the texture looks like coconut puree, tee-hee… and it smells really good.

However, I feel as if it doesn’t lock the moist well, therefore, I always use face serum or face oil before I apply the moisturiser.

As for the shampoo… I could even smell the coconut, cocoa or olive oil aroma in my room even before I opened the packaging!

I include Palmer’s on the list of ‘unbranded’ year end sale as I feel not many people aware of this brand. Please excuse me if I’m wrong…

Besides ‘unbranded’ items, I also bought some famous skincare and haircare products. And of course… a new dress and hat, hehe!

So… what do you think about my year end sale items? Would you buy ‘unbranded’ products? What are the ‘unbranded’ products that you’ve ever bought, and why?

Wishing you a joyful Christmas!

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