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    Morocco: The Atlas Mountains, Todra Gorge and Sex & the City

    Marhaba! I went to Morocco in 2015 but a few months before that, I decided to watch Sex & the City 2 movie (I know I was five years too late!). Coincidentally, the second movie is filmed in Morocco! The entire movie had my jaws dropped and eyes sparkled by how fabulous those women looked. I mean, the four of them walking into a room with THAT fashion sense will make any head turns. Therefore, inspired by the movie, I opened my wardrobe and mix ‘n match my clothes carefully so I would look at least 10% as fab as those women for my Moroccan trip. Of course, my humble…

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    Why You Should Make Oktoberfest 2020 as Autumn Getaway

    As the name itself explain, some of you may be wondering why I’m writing about Oktoberfest 2020 this week. It’s still September, isn’t it too early? Nope! In fact, Oktoberfest 2020 – the world’s largest beer festival and traveling funfair, starts on 21 September and ends on 6 October. Therefore, I’m giving you enough time to book the flight ticket and accommodation should you want to make it as your autumn getaway 😉 Every year, around six million people from around the world will fly to Munich for the beer festival. It will be crowded, but don’t worry. You won’t be smashed like tuna in a can. The queue may…

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    Summer Shoes Trend 2019: Square-toed

    In case you forget because of hectic summer, we’re still breathing in the month of August. Which means, it’s STILL summer and we all should embrace the playful season like walking on square-toed shoes! On top of that, if you missed some fashion updates or haven’t filled your wardrobe with the latest trend, here’s a summer trend 2019 that guarantee won’t make you regret spending some cash or swiping your credit card. Some of My Favourite Square-toed Shoes Here are some of my favourite square-toed shoes: Kohai Ok, these shoes aren’t exactly square-toed but it’s my first ever. When I was in Jakarta, my sister went to Wakai store and…

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    What You Can Do with Men Socks

    This week, I want to encourage you to utilise everything when you mix ‘n match, such as men socks. I shared about keeping your grandma’s vintage clothes before, but what about your dad’s or brothers’ stuff? I wish I knew this before I bought the socks. Yup, a few years ago I got myself three pair of men socks because they’re on discount. You know, the ones that long enough to reach your calves? At that time, I hadn’t figured out the purpose. Even though mini socks were on trend, somehow, I thought long socks could add more style. Here are some examples on how you can wear men socks:…

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    The Easy-to-follow Shopping Rules for Conscious Spenders Who Love Fashion

    A friend commented on my previous blog post about Venice, said the content was a bit ‘floating’ and didn’t have a call-to-action. I agree and feel so lucky that he told me early on, hence this post about shopping rules for conscious spenders who love fashion is up! The incident reminds me that the purpose of creating this blog is to share something meaningful. It’s not a place to just showcasing my travel photos in a bigger size than a Facebook page or let the world knows how my daily life goes on. For this, I apologise if you feel disappointed on the last post. I have to admit, for “Fashion” section,…

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    This is the City Where You Should Dress to Kill

    When was the last time you dress up when traveling? If you think it’s not important, you should really dress to kill if you plan to visit this city. When it comes to travel, I’ll make sure that I make the most of my time when I’m in a new place because I don’t know if I can afford a second visit. Be it try as many as local cuisine, take lots of photos, tick off all must-visit spots, make new friends with the locals or getting lost. I’ll also make sure that I wear comfortable shoes to help me walk all day, from morning till night. I mean it.…