Suare toed shoes summer trend 2019

Summer Shoes Trend 2019: Square-toed

In case you forget because of hectic summer, we’re still breathing in the month of August. Which means, it’s STILL summer and we all should embrace the playful season like walking on square-toed shoes!

On top of that, if you missed some fashion updates or haven’t filled your wardrobe with the latest trend, here’s a summer trend 2019 that guarantee won’t make you regret spending some cash or swiping your credit card.

Some of My Favourite Square-toed Shoes

Here are some of my favourite square-toed shoes:


kohai grey square toed shoes kids

Ok, these shoes aren’t exactly square-toed but it’s my first ever. When I was in Jakarta, my sister went to Wakai store and my eyes laid on these shoes. To be honest, the 1st thing that attracted me was the weaving design which reminds me of the signature style of a luxury brand, Bottega Veneta!

Although it kinda feels like walking without shoes as a result of its thin bottom soles, they’re very comfortable and provide excellent grip. If you’re interested in the shoes, I solemnly tell you that they are children shoes. Yup, Kohai is the kid-version of Wakai 🙂 No wonder it means “student” or “subordinate” in Japanese hehe!

Jill Sander

No brand squared-toe shoes

black feminine white ribbon squared-toe shoes
Source: FSJ Shoes

Bottega Veneta Bloc Pumps in Laville Calf

Bottega Veneta red vintage squared-toe shoes summer trend 2019
Source: Bottega Veneta

No brand, strappy knotted heeled sandals

orange strappy knotted heeled sandals summer squared-toe shoes trend 2019
Source: endource

Which one of these square-toed shoes/sandals is your favourite? 🙂

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