What You Can Do with Men Socks

This week, I want to encourage you to utilise everything when you mix ‘n match, such as men socks. I shared about keeping your grandma’s vintage clothes before, but what about your dad’s or brothers’ stuff?

I wish I knew this before I bought the socks. Yup, a few years ago I got myself three pair of men socks because they’re on discount. You know, the ones that long enough to reach your calves?

what you can do with men socks

At that time, I hadn’t figured out the purpose. Even though mini socks were on trend, somehow, I thought long socks could add more style.

Here are some examples on how you can wear men socks:

Wear Them with Boots

men socks fashion idea

Boots are cool but they’re not as comfortable as flat shoes. Wear a medium-thick, men socks with your boots to make your steps more comfortable and stylish. Match the colour of your socks with your bag, skirt or cardigan to add more style.

men socks fashion idea

You can also choose bright-coloured socks to make your appearance more outstanding. But be careful, make sure that you don’t look as colourful as a Christmas tree, hehe!

In addition, this tip goes well during winter so your feet don’t sweat much.

Wear Them with Open-shoes

men socks fashion idea for women traveling to beijing

Actually, I wouldn’t realise that I love this style if my Clarks didn’t cause wounds on my feet. I brought the shoes to my 18 Days Northern Europe trip, and boy! I had to stick so many Hansaplast on my feet.

fashionable woman with warsaw wishing bell

Whenever I walk, the leather would rub into my skin and caused some wounds. Sadly, a pantyhose didn’t help to minimize the bruises because it wasn’t thick enough.

woman leg with blister because she doesn't wear socks

Since I love the shoes and they’re still pretty new, I always wear them with men socks. Depending on your style, the combination of both could make you look tomboy, preppy or classic.

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Wear Them Whenever You Feel Like It

cute tomboy girl with suspender fashion

Mix ‘n match with men socks are fun, especially when you feel playful or dressing up. For example, there’s a day when I had to go to the embassy to renew my passport. I knew I had to dress properly, at least semi-formal, but I didn’t wanna look boring.

fashion tips on how to wear men socks

After I searched on my wardrobe – voila! Now I think about it if only I added men socks, I would look preppier.

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